Leveraging Analytics into Impactful Operational and Energy Efficiency Improvements    

Wendel has been extremely successful in implementing building analytics that exceed client expectations. Building analytics, specifically Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD), can be a powerful tool for engineering and facilities teams to assist in improving and maintaining their building systems. There are many benefits to implementing an analytics software such as, receiving actionable information and alerts in real time, but it also requires trained engineering professionals to triage the flags, perform root cause analysis, implement solutions, and verify they are properly addressed. Wendel has helped clients effectively onboard analytics software, develop proper workflow processes, implement corrective actions, and verify completed work.

For example, utilizing building analytics software, Wendel provided energy optimization services to a private university helping achieve $616,000 in annual energy savings. The analytics platform was set up to produce a daily list of the highest priority performance issues in a building, summarize issues in a Diagnostic Report, provide probable causes, and prioritize each issue by avoidable cost and performance impacts. The diagnostics will then highlight areas where facility management should focus their time and resources to take corrective action.

Wendel’s Approach

Wendel’s approach starts with a dedicated engineer assigned to work directly with a client’s facilities management team. Utilizing analytics, our Wendel engineer can analyze the buildings and make recommendations on corrective action decision making to appropriately prioritize which diagnostics should be converted to internal work orders, contracted projects, or capital upgrades. Wendel will work collaboratively with our client to develop an approach unique to each institution to maximize the impact of the diagnostic tool. The general approach is depicted below.

“Our services help our clients turn analytics into actions with real and measurable results.”
















Innovative Energy Efficiency Strategy

Check out a case study summarizing how Wendel provided energy optimization services for a private university and helped them achieve $616,000 in annual energy savings. To date, 106 projects have been completed by taking action on the faults detected by the Clockworks’ analytics software.

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