Buffalo Sewer Authority Reduces Emissions & Energy Costs at Bird Island Wastewater Facility

01/05/2017 | Back to News

Energy efficiency upgrades earn $400,000 incentive from National Grid through energy survey conducted in conjunction with Wendel

BUFFALO, NY— The Buffalo Sewer Authority (BSA) has completed an extensive energy efficiency survey and resulting equipment upgrades at its Bird Island wastewater treatment facility that will reduce both operating costs and the plant’s environmental footprint. Advanced lighting and lighting controls have been installed throughout the facility, and have earned efficiency incentives of more than $400,000 through National Grid’s Energy Efficiency program.  The survey was done in conjunction with the architectural and engineering firm Wendel.

The new LED light fixture installments are projected to reduce the Bird Island’s electricity consumption by more than 3 million kilowatt-hours, and reduce the BSA’s energy bill by about $277,000. The energy use reduction is the equivalent of nearly 3.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide being removed from the environment.

The BSA worked with Wendel on a facility-wide survey of energy conservation measures, which included recommendations to install LED lighting and controls. National Grid financially assisted with the installation of the lighting systems.  The budget for the total project was just over $1 million.  When the $403,000 incentive is factored into the yearly bill savings, the project will pay for itself about three years.

“Over the past decade, the Buffalo Sewer Authority has cut electrical usage by over 15%, through innovative energy efficiency projects.” Said Oluwole A. McFoy, P.E., General Manager, Buffalo Sewer Authority. “The Authority is excited that the energy use survey conducted by Wendel, has driven this $1M LED lighting and controls project.  Receiving the $400,000 plus investment from National Grid through its Energy Efficiency program, we expect to see a quick and substantial return on our investment.”

“Our energy efficiency grants and incentives are intended to help organizations move forward with improvements that help both the environment and the bottom line,” said Ken Kujawa, regional manager for National Grid in Buffalo. “The Bird Island project is among the largest we’ve done in this region, and the quick return on the investment shows that efficiency projects can pay both financial and environmental dividends over the long term.”

“Wendel is a company that always puts the best interest of the client first. Throughout the course of this project, what the Wendel team recommended will now allow the BSA to make investments in other much needed improvements,” said Stewart C. Haney, Wendel President/CEO. “Through our collaboration with National Grid, we were able to provide BSA significant energy cost savings.”