Your Career Path

At Wendel, we don’t have an “up or out” mentality. We support the career path you choose. Whether you want a fast track option for your career or steady growth with more work/life balance, there are no limits to your potential here. Through our Career Development Dialogue (CDD) and Career Lattice program, we fully support and believe in helping you reach both your personal ambitions and professional potential.

We have allocated significant resources toward programs such as our Learning Management System (LMS) and Wendel University, a resource for all of our employees to continue to learn and grow. Wendel U is not only designed to provide employees with their continuing education requirements, but it also helps you develop and grow your interpersonal and soft skills to become a better-rounded professional.

Wendel University provides our employees with access to best-in-class training in both live and virtual settings, and has developed programs to help you take your career to the next level.


Coming out of College, what to expect on your first day at Wendel:

When you arrive at Wendel, you’ll firsthand get the Wendel Experience. You will be greeted by your Resource Manager or the Office Steward who will show you your working space and take you on a tour of the office while introducing you to your new coworkers. You will receive a formal training schedule that is tailored to your specific position within the organization. Day one, you are set you up for success.

When you start at Wendel as a new employee, you will be working alongside senior level staff members and owners of the firm. You will be seen and treated as a peer. The Wendel Experience is collaborative, creative, professional, friendly and fun. This is the environment that you are beginning your career in.