Laura Eysnogle adds Architecture and Interior Design Experience

05/10/2019 | Back to News

Laura Eysnogle joins Wendel’s Award Winning Five Bugles Design Team, adds Architecture and Interior Design Expertise

“Joining the Wendel team is providing me the opportunity to collaborate with folks from all around the country, with different backgrounds and specialties, creating this cross pollination of ideas on how to serve our clients in the best way possible; all while being able to remain in the city that I love.”

Wendel is pleased to welcome Laura Eysnogle, who brings over a decade of experience in interior design, space planning and architectural design for public sector clients. Her ability to work with clients from project conception through the ribbon cutting phases, balancing the importance of efficiency and durability with adaptability and aesthetics on a wide range on projects will be incredibly valuable. Laura has an extensive background in all types of community and public sector projects, and understands the need for spaces to perform in the most efficient way possible. Her specialty is providing communities with a facility that they can be proud of, while always acting as a responsible steward of the tax payer’s dollar.

Examples of Laura’s experience include a massive high school project that included 65,300 sf of renovations and 67,650 sf of new additions, strategic planning for a major research university that encompassed 1.6 million sf of space, and design of the new 14,000 sf Laramie #3 Fire Station.

Laura’s history in new construction, renovations and strategic planning has taught her to see a project from every angle: What the project was yesterday, what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.