Living Health Environments

Wendel focuses on the design of healthy environments. We deliver a distinct advantage with our experience, transcending the continuum of healthcare to include senior living, short term, long term, assisted living, behavioral health, AODA, hospitals, and outpatient clinics.

Wendel’s top professionals understand that these facilities are truly unique building types that have a meaningful presence in their communities.  Wendel planners understand that both LEAN and Evidence-Based Design are a critical part of spatial arrangement. The ability for staff interaction within the ideal is how we approach each project. Resident space and interaction is a separate but integral part of this overall LEAN process and we work carefully with all levels of staff, stakeholders, and end users to capture the most appropriate balance for each perspective. This is tempered with program needs versus wants, and ultimately the budget.


Our team understands what separates a good facility from a great one. The difference is in the small details, collaborative interaction with the client and stakeholders, the experience of the design firm and the ability to truly listen to the client’s ideas and concepts for creating a facility that meets their needs and requirements. We have
experience in hundreds of healthy living and related projects, with a record of exceeding expectations.

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