Connecticut DOT – Waterbury Maintenance Facility

Wendel provided complete design for a new 280,000 sf bus maintenance and storage facility. The new facility is located on a large open site that provides excellent opportunities for an efficient arrangement of building, parking and site circulation. Due to the location of the site, engineering studies were completed to determine how the necessary utilities (water, sanitary, storm, electric and gas) will be brought to the facility. As a result, off site design work includes bringing utilities from over one mile away.

Setting the building above flood levels played an important role in our design. In order to avoid extensive fill, automobile parking is placed under the building, saving costs while keeping buses and maintenance above the flood plain. A brownfield site, water efficiency, indoor air quality and energy efficient measures are also central to Wendel’s approach and design process.

The facility includes interior bus servicing, storage and maintenance for 50 full size buses, 50 paratransit vehicles and covered employee parking.

An architectural image for four sided viewing from the highway, scenic railroad, and scenic river, was a challenge, as well as strict FM requirements and unsuitable soils. Dynamic compaction was used to increase soil bearing at minimal cost.