CTtransit Stamford Garage – Design for Pilot 2 Battery Electric Buses

Wendel performed a feasibility study for CTtransit to add battery electric buses (BEB’s) to their Stamford garage facility. CTtransit’s intent is to start with a pilot of 2 BEB’s and grow the electric fleet to 30% and ultimately to 100% BEB’s. The feasibility study resulted in identifying limitations on the capacity of the facility that would only allow for 30% BEB deployment at Stamford.

Wendel was selected to develop the design for the 2 BEB pilot. The existing utility feed and depot switchgear was at full capacity and could not accommodate battery electric buses. The design includes a new dedicated utility feed, new 480V switchgear and the addition of 2 new distribution panel boards near the new battery chargers with associated cabling between them and the new switchgear. CTtransit elected to get 5 chargers installed at this phase, even though they were receiving only two buses under the current procurement. The new equipment was sized to handle the 30% buildout with the ability to add chargers and buses in phases.

Design services also included placement and mounting of the chargers and dispensers, wiring design for power and controls to the chargers as well as the power from the chargers to the dispensers and from the dispensers to the bus charging ports. Electronic submetering for each charger is also included in the design.

To ensure safe charging and storage of the new battery electric buses, Wendel also designed a new fire protection system for the bus storage area where the buses will be stored and charged. Current codes have not kept pace with the development of battery electric buses, and the level of fire protection required. Wendel, working with the local code officials, the State Fire Marshal and the insurance companies developed a high-density, water-based fire protection system to protect the garage and surrounding buses from a lithium ion battery fire within an electric bus.

The new fire protection system consists of upgraded piping with ESFR sprinkler heads as well as the addition of a fire pump, pump house and backup generator for the fire pump.

The existing HVAC systems in both the bus storage facility and the bus maintenance facility have reached the end of their useful life. As part of this project Wendel is also designing the upgrades to the HVAC systems with new energy efficient equipment. CTtransit has also engaged Wendel for bidding and construction services for this project. Total design budget is $316,000.00.
The 2 BEB’s are scheduled to be ordered in July of 2020 with delivery expected in late spring or early summer 2021. Design is currently on schedule and is scheduled to be complete early winter of 2020.