Hantzmon Wiebel

Hantzmon Wiebel is a top-rated CPA firm in America and one of the largest and most experienced public accounting firm in Central Virginia. Wendel was selected to design Hantzmon Wiebel’s new 15,844 sf office space to be a representative of its company culture, vision and goals.

Wendel worked with the client’s internal committees to create a light, bright, airy, comfortable space reflective of the company’s growth and evolution. The inclusive design process allowed for the staff’s opinions and voices to be heard which led to a successful office design that the Hantzmon Wiebel team was proud of. This collaboration with the up-and-coming generations within Hantzmon Wiebel encouraged a sense of ownership within the office. The Wendel design team used light colors, accenting Hantzmon Wiebel’s brand colors. The design highlighted the layering of textures with monochromatic materials to provide warmth.  Some of the firm’s existing art was arranged with the new curated pieces which brought the space to life.

Hantzmon Wiebel encouraged Wendel to be good stewards of the environment, whereby using as many of the existing materials in the space as possible. Furniture, doors/frames, glass, and appliances were examples of items thoughtfully reincorporated into the new design.

The new floor plate was smaller than Hantzmon Wiebel’s former space, however Wendel’s more efficient layout accommodated existing staff and provided room for growth.