ROCORI Public Schools

Middle School Relocation

ROCORI Public Schools hired Wendel to assist in the relocation of its Middle School program into the existing High School building. Wendel was heavily involved in the master planning phase of the project, providing the district with pre-referendum graphics and models, preparation of the MDE Review and Comment as well as the facilitation of community information meetings. Relocation of the Middle School required an extensive two-story classroom addition on the west side of the building that mirrors the high school wing on the east. Additions to the north side of the building were also made, housing a gymnasium, locker rooms, fitness rooms, the district office, dining rooms and kitchen. The entire central core of the building then had to be remodeled to accommodate the common spaces shared by both schools. Additional work was done on the school site, including new tennis courts and baseball fields, upgrades to the parking lots and a new district maintenance and storage building.