Suamico Public Safety Building

Upon completion of an existing facility assessment, the Village of Suamico retained the services of Wendel/Five Bugles Design to design their new 22,550 sf central station. This two-story station was designed with function and the future in mind. The first floor of the facility features a small administration wing, a large training room, apparatus support spaces, personal decon spaces and a paid-on-call volunteer check in area. Designed to have four apparatus bays as a base bid, two additional bays were added as an alternate in the bidding process. An additional future garage space was planned for, that could be added to the facility’s east side. This future garage would house smaller vehicles, freeing up space in the apparatus bay for larger equipment.

Accessed by the hose training tower, the second floor of the facility is private living quarters for personnel only. Currently operating as a volunteer department, true living quarters were not needed. However, emergency medical services (EMS) for the Village is provided through Brown County EMS. Working together it was determined that the second floor of the facility would be built out now and rented to Brown County for use by their full-time staff. A mezzanine space was designed to be retrofitted into additional dorm spaces if in the future the Village moves from a volunteer to career model. Second floor living quarters include form rooms, a day room, kitchen, dining, and exercise space. This exercise space was located so that city employees could utilize the space, without having access to the rest of the facility or the living quarters.