Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality – DEQ

DEQ – Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality relocated their central agency office to four (4) floors at the Bank of America Building in downtown Richmond. The renovation included a detailed look at energy efficiency, paving the way for a full LED lighting package to be installed throughout the project, including several specialty pendant fixtures.  Playing on the theme of nature and DEQ’s branded colors, we provided a colorful scheme that is seen throughout the floors. The floors are color coded by department and floor to assist with wayfinding. In addition to the bright accent carpets and colorful wall paints used in all the training and conference spaces, a custom carpet was installed throughout the open office areas providing a cohesive combination of the branded colors. A large multipurpose conference center and computer training room provide views of Richmond’s Capitol building. DEQ moved their staff from a traditional office setting to an open office environment, providing maximum efficiency and a beautiful streamline esthetic. Signage was designed to complement the overall scheme. Environmentally friendly materials were selected for the main reception area setting the tone for the agency’s mission of Protecting Virginia’s Environment.