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We bring the tools, you bring the vision

Vibrant, alive, beautiful, sustainable. Is that the story your community tells?

Buildings, downtowns, public spaces, streets, mobility and landscape are the core elements that shape a town, village or city. It is the balance of these essential components that will result in a more livable, sustainable, resilient and complete community.

Wendel’s community planning and design team includes talented planners, urban designers and landscape architects dedicated to helping communities thrive and prosper. We will help you develop solutions that capture the spirit of your region. We incorporate environmentally friendly design principles that shape the public realm and improve the quality of life for residents for the long term. You benefit from our passion to provide a better quality of life to communities across the country. Together we can create a destination.

Meet The Wendel Community Planning + Design Team

  • Dean Gowen

  • p: 716.688.0766 ext 1147
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  • David Kenyon

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  • Dan Leonard

  • Project Development Manager

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  • Ellen Parker

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  • Andrew Reilly

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  • Leanne Voit

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