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Design, Build, Own, Operate

Bringing you alternative fueling options.

We encourage the use of clean, alternative fuels that make economic sense for private and public fleets. Our Future Fuel experts are knowledgeable in the fueling options available today, including CNG, LNG, hydrogen, electric and propane—and are dedicated to staying at the forefront of future fueling possibilities.

Future Fuels offers the ability to Design, Build, Own and Operate. If you are considering switching to an alternative fuel for your fleet, municipality or organization, we can assist you regardless of where you are in the process. We provide turnkey design services and can help with your filling station and maintenance facility upgrades.

Future Fuels is a division of Wendel.

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Wendel, a nationally recognized design, construction and energy services company (ESCO), is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Architectural Design Group, LLC (ADG), a leader in architectural design and planning in Wisconsin, to enhance its service offering and market reach in the Midwest United States. ADG’s expertise encompasses healthcare and educational facilities, as well …Read More


The Future of Transit Center Design

When asked to write on the future of terminal design, I found the challenge daunting as well as thought provoking. When I am designing, my goal is to design a building that is both functional for and attractive to future generations. To design a building whose function must adapt to a rapidly evolving world, designed …Read More

Alternative Fueling Facilities

Transit agencies transition from traditional diesel bus fleets to fleets powered by alternative fuels because these vehicles offer improved operational efficiencies, reductions in the carbon footprint, and a reduction in daily operating costs. Not only are alternative fuel powered buses more efficient, their use improves the perception of bus transit in the cities and communities …Read More

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