Wendel & 3480 Group Announce Plans for a Strategic Alliance

08/24/2015 | Back to News

Wendel and 3480 Group announce today that they have entered into a strategic alliance. Wendel is a nationally recognized design and construction firm providing services across the country. 3480 Group, founded by Fulton “Flip” Johnson and Thurman Thomas, is a project management company dedicated to the construction, telecommunications and oil/gas/energy industries.

Key components of this agreement are centered on project collaboration, management, design and technology. An example would be improving K-12 learning environments in low income areas where students are falling behind. Wendel and 3480 Group will look for opportunities to integrate capabilities to create service offerings that extend into new and existing markets.

3480 Group’s involvement with telecommunications and broadband internet communications, combined with Wendel’s engineering and architectural design experience, provides a natural progression for collaboration to accommodate the future evolution of our client’s infrastructure needs.

“Having 3480 as a partner is a great opportunity for us. Combining 3480 Group’s unique and innovative deployment techniques with our industry expertise ensures that our clients are getting the best solution for managing their telecommunications plans effectively and efficiently.” – Stewart C. Haney, PE, PMP, President/CEO Wendel

“We have so many synergies, from renewable energy, to working with municipalities, and expanding the potential for new solutions within the industry. The Wendel/3480 Group team, is going to pave the way for innovation throughout the Telecommunication industry.” – Fulton “Flip” Johnson/CEO 3480 Group

“Working with Partner companies like Wendel is becoming a ‘Best Practice’ for 3480 Group. It allows us to provide a larger portfolio of services to our potential customers, while creating a more efficient model within the services we currently offer. Not to mention, Wendel’s desire to create a better Western New York is perfectly aligned with 3480 group. This alliance is a game changer.” – Thurman Thomas/President 3480 Group