Wendel Completes Liberty University Freedom Tower Project

04/10/2018 | Back to News

Wendel has recently completed a large project at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Liberty University’s Freedom Tower anchors one end of the campus walk, intersecting the campus from the residential side to the academic side.  The tower holds the School of Divinity and provides incredible views to the surrounding campus and community from the 15th floor lounge and the observation deck above.  The lower three floors are comprised of classrooms, offices, lounge space and a Scriptorium, with the tower itself rising at the fourth floor.

The Wendel interior design team in the Richmond, VA office worked closely with VMDO Architects to select a neutral palette of finishes, while designating a different color for each departmental identity.  Furnishings selected throughout the building are timeless, classic and functional with a clean, crisp contemporary aesthetic, while upholstery provides a fun pop of color and geometry.