WENDEL open book... Master Builder’s fees & subcontractor prices disclosed Note 1. The unburdened construction cost shall be defined as the value of the actual construction cost paid by the Design Builder to its subcontractor(s) for the supply and installation of energy conservation measures without any additional markups by the Design Builder. The mark-ups listed above shall not be included in the value of the unburdened construction cost. Note 2. The mark-ups listed above shall be the only cost that will be allowed to be added by the Design Builder to the unburdened construction cost. The total project cost will be the addition of the unburdened construction cost and the value of the above listed mark- ups. “Wendel’s total overhead cost was only 63% of the next lowest proposal and less than 50% of the remaining proposals. The lower overhead cost has allowed the District to implement more facility improvements for the same total project cost.” -Thomas P. Keysa Rochester City School District Project Size