Our Values and Fundamentals

A Better World Through Knowledge and Leadership

Wendel is an innovative architecture, engineering, energy efficiency, and construction management firm that collaborates with private and public entities to holistically approach facility and infrastructure projects. To exceed expectations, Wendel employs deeply entrenched service, communication, and process protocols to cultivate working relationships of mutual respect and productivity, and a proprietary mode of execution characterized by immersive design and Master Builder, a streamlined, professional-led delivery model of peerless open-book transparency, accountability, and efficiency.


Creatively approaching our business and cultural practices as Stewards of the Environment

We are Stewards of the Environment in the way we operate as a company, pursue our work and interface with the world in our daily lives. Our culture is built upon behaviors respecting both the needs of our community and our planet.


Providing a uniquely intensive design strategy like no other firm

Our design professionals are equipped to employ Immersion™ , a uniquely intensive design strategy that embeds a team of Wendel professionals with clients to gain a thorough understanding of project needs and objectives.


The Best of Both Worlds

Master Builder®, our proprietary professional-led project delivery model that combines the best of the design/build and design-bid-build approaches to uniquely address our clients’ scope, schedule, and cost concerns.


Our Values 








Team First 

At Wendel, cooperation is paramount. That means, every member of your Wendel team is committed to being respectful of others, creating win-win solutions for all parties, working free of ego and drama, and – when appropriate – sharing some laughs.


Quality. Do It Right. 

At the end of the day, our work rests on accuracy, technical precision, and a little bit of artistry. To ensure we deliver an exceptional product, we are curious and creative and process-oriented, take time to plan, and practice quality as a way of life.


Promises Made, Promises Kept 

Doing right by the client is Wendel’s M.O. We only make promises of integrity, and we honor all of our commitments.


First-Class Communication 

Wendel employees listen generously and respond thoughtfully. Our talk is straightforward and honest. We never leave you hanging or give you the runaround.


To Date, Wendel Has Saved Our Clients:


These sustainable projects have also had a significant impact on our environment, resulting in energy savings equivalent to:


Metric tons of CO2 reduced


Vehicles removed from the road


Homes taken off the grid


Barrels of oil reduced


Trees planted