The Time to Plan is Now!

Many buildings are significantly above emissions limits and will require comprehensive retrofits for compliance.

In some areas of the country, emissions limits and compliance requirements begin in 2024. Obviously, implementing energy management strategies for your properties doesn’t
happen overnight. We are here to help!

Electrification of heating systems can have a major positive impact on complying with established emission reduction goals.

Electrification Benefits:

  • Shifting source energy from fossil fuels to electric
  • Leverage renewable energy generation
  • Leverage carbon reductions in the grid
  • Path to transformative changes
  • Path to carbon neutrality

Wendel’s Phased Approach:

Assessing and implementing Electrification as part of a holistic energy project is particularly impactful. We believe in a stepped, incremental approach to carbon neutrality:

  • Reduce – traditional demand side management is still relevant and impactful
  • Recover – recover energy and direct it to where it’s needed
  • Replace – replace fossil fuel-based heating equipment with electric based equipment
  • Renew – on-site PV electric generation


Electrification in Real-Time

Learn more about a University Case Study Wendel worked on and what the HUGE annual savings were.

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