Integrated Capital and Energy Planning (ICE)

Avoiding Failures & Averting Disasters

The best way to prevent an unexpected system failure is to make sure you are planning for upgrades and maintenance.

But what’s the best way to go about it? By looking at your capital needs, yes, but also by taking into account maintenance and energy needs and costs.


A Holistic Approach

Integrated capital and energy planning explores the seen and unseen planning components integral to your next project. The ICE™ process looks at your tangible assets but also analyzes opportunities for long term energy efficiency and sustainability.


The Right Tools in Your Toolbox

Facilitate needed repairs and control ongoing operating costs with a new tool in your toolbox.

Integrated Capital and Energy Planning (ICE)™ enhances capital planning by looking at the impact of energy efficiency, asset renewal and treatment efficiency for local governments, water/wastewater systems, and other organizations. Wendel is currently providing ICE™ services as a trusted advisor for many municipalities and private utility owners across the country.

No municipality is too big or too small to start planning for a more energy efficient or sustainable future. Proper planning and project improvements equals measurable results.


Why Does it Matter?

It matters because your assets are with you yesterday, today and tomorrow. Your buildings and infrastructure need to serve you for years to come, so investment decisions need to be made with the future in mind.

It also matters because poor planning is very expensive! Rushed operations can potentially create unsafe situations, overtime, and other undesirable outcomes.

Ultimately an ICE™ program helps create a world where capital improvements can pay for themselves, freeing municipalities from always having to impose more burdens on ratepayers or rely on grant funding.


  • A plan builds consensus around the improvements that need to be made
  • Life cycle cost optimization
  • Proper planning makes increases competitiveness for grants and incentives
  • An integrated plan looks at capital and energy needs—creating a fuller picture so municipalities can make better decisions about investments

These improvements not only helped other agencies and municipalities save money, they allowed them to move into the future on a more solid, sustainable basis.


  • Asset Management
  • Capital Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Facility Maintenance Management
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Master Planning
  • Grant and Incentive Programs
  • Resiliency