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We always need to remember what a noble purpose public transportation serves. Without it, a large number of people would not be able to get to work, school, the doctor or go shopping. For these people, it is literally their lifeline!

Transit with people in mind

Public transportation needs to be convenient, comfortable, efficient and inspirational.

Public transportation represents the essence of livable, sustainable communities. Transit center facilities can have a positive impact on the quality of life within communities when combined with affordable housing and town/city centers that have retail and commercial components, as well as college, university and medical campuses.

Your goal is to have a successful public transportation system that is an integral part of the communities you serve. Our goal is to help you find the creative and cost-effective solutions that fit your needs. Our team of nationally recognized transportation planners, architects and engineers discover ways to combine resources, leverage assets and create non-traditional partnerships to help you provide more service and complete trips with seamless connections. Our project team collaborates with transit providers to fully integrate this experience into our planning, turning your vision into reality.

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Wendel Companies Reinvigorates the City of Niagara Falls

The city had a keen interest in renovating and relocating the facility dating to the 1980s, but persistent false-starts and obstacles frustrated the community’s efforts for the better part of a decade. Some in the planning process, which at different times included railroad companies, Amtrak, the State of New York and the federal government, questioned …Read More



Wendel is pleased to announce it is expanding its presence in Connecticut. Wendel secured a new office space that will house staff and support business activities across the state. Operation began in the new office space, located between Hartford and New Haven at 500 Broad Street, Suite 203, Meriden, CT 06450, as of June of …Read More



Wendel, a nationally recognized design, construction and energy services company (ESCO), is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Architectural Design Group, LLC (ADG), a leader in architectural design and planning in Wisconsin, to enhance its service offering and market reach in the Midwest United States. ADG’s expertise encompasses healthcare and educational facilities, as well …Read More


The Future of Transit Center Design

When asked to write on the future of terminal design, I found the challenge daunting as well as thought provoking. When I am designing, my goal is to design a building that is both functional for and attractive to future generations. To design a building whose function must adapt to a rapidly evolving world, designed …Read More

Bus Rapid Transit Station Design

How sound station design enhances the effectiveness of a BRT system Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a bus-based transit system that offers fast, reliable and frequent services. BRT uses dedicated lanes and stations with off-board fare collection to deliver quick and easily accessible operations. It often serves as a precursor to light rail, taking the …Read More

Alternative Fueling Facilities

Transit agencies transition from traditional diesel bus fleets to fleets powered by alternative fuels because these vehicles offer improved operational efficiencies, reductions in the carbon footprint, and a reduction in daily operating costs. Not only are alternative fuel powered buses more efficient, their use improves the perception of bus transit in the cities and communities …Read More

Meet The Wendel Public Transportation Team

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  • 18 Featured Projects

Found In ,

Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) Operations and Maintenance Facility

  • Market: Public Transportation
  • Services: Architecture, Construction Administration, Electrical Engineering, Programming, Mechanical Engineering, Site Selection

Augusta Public Transit

Operations and Maintenance Facitlity

  • Market: Public Transportation
  • Services: Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering

Greater Hartford Transit District (GHTD)

Paratransit Operations & Maintenance Facility

  • Market: Public Transportation
  • Services: Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering

Blacksburg Transit/Virginia Tech Multi-modal Transit Facility

Campus Plan and Feasibility Study

  • Market: Public Transportation
  • Services: Landscape Architecture, Planning, Architecture, Project Management

Niagara Falls Intermodal Transportation Center

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government
  • Services: Project Management, Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Sustainability, Grants

Petersburg Intermodal Transit Center

  • Market: Public Transportation
  • Services: Project Management, Engineering, Construction, Architecture

SCR Medical Transportation

  • Market: Public Transportation
  • Services: Project Management, Construction, Architecture, Engineering

Binghamton Intermodal Transportation Center

  • Market: Public Transportation
  • Services: Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Project Management

Chatham Area Transit

Intermodal Station

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government
  • Services: Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability

City of Greensboro

Operations & Maintenance Facility

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government
  • Services: Architecture, Commissioning, Planning, Sustainability

Greater Lynchburg Transit Company

Kemper Street Transfer Facility

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government
  • Services: Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Programming, Sustainability

Greater Richmond Transit Company

Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Center

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government
  • Services: Engineering, Planning, Architecture

Greater Richmond Transit Company

Maintenance Facility CNG Upgrade

  • Markets: Alternative Fuels & CNG, Municipal Government, Public Transportation
  • Services: Architecture, Engineering

Worcester Regional Transit Authority

Hub at Union Station

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government
  • Services: Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Sustainability

Cinder Bed Road

Bus Garage Design

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government, Water Wastewater Stormwater
  • Services: Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability

St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission

CNG Fueling Station & Facility Renovations

  • Markets: Alternative Fuels & CNG, Public Transportation
  • Services: Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Professionally Led Design-Build

Town of Waterbury

Intermodal Transportation Facility

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government
  • Services: Programming, Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability

Cattaraugus County

Department of Public Works Facility

  • Markets: Municipal Government, Public Transportation
  • Services: Engineering, Surveying, Architecture