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Transportation is a means to improve social, economic and environmental conditions within our communities. Municipalities, schools and businesses, among others, turn to us to deliver roadways to keep people and commerce moving. Wendel is a pioneer in creating complete street solutions that take community character into account. We offer a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that encourages all stakeholders to experience the evolution of a new traveling dynamic.

Our portfolio of highways, expressways, bridges, multi-modal trails and rail facilities encompasses a variety of urban and rural community settings. Whether it is a trip across country or to the local corner store, Wendel is committed to giving you first class customer service and providing you the most superb journey possible today—and in the future.

Highways and Bridges

There is an art to successful highway and street design—a balance of project goals with environmental and community constraints. Making highway and bridge travel a safe, efficient and appealing experience is a top priority.

We provide design and inspection services for a wide range of projects from minor bridge rehabilitations to major bridge replacements. Satisfied clients include municipalities, counties and the New York State Department of Transportation. In addition, key members of our bridge design team have the knowledge and understanding needed to navigate all design standards. In-house hydrologic engineers create seamless coordination with the bridge designers during those critical early design phases. We have you covered.

We serve a variety of clients with many needs and requirements—from large multi-lane, state highways to local, country highways. Our engineers, architects and planners represent the experience necessary to turn context-sensitive planning into reality.

Complete Streets

A new way of thinking about street design…. Wendel aims to enhance the viability and vitality of our communities. It’s about streets where pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, transit users and travelers of all ages and abilities can move safely and comfortably. And streets that are appealing settings for local business, helping to spur greater economic activity.

We design, inspire and guide urban centers that benefit the entire community. We offer a total package for implementation of a successful complete streets solution.

Transportation Planning

Transportation is more than traveling from point A to point B. It is about linking communities and businesses, developing environmentally sensitive growth strategies, and improving economic prosperity. We offer transportation planning skills and experience to assist you in the areas of policy, planning, financing and operations for your project. Transform your community into a “Livable Community”.

Railroad Engineering

Specializing in the rehabilitation or expansion of existing rail infrastructure, our innovative delivery solutions for railroad tracks and trans–loading facilities create efficiency and boost progress for major railroads, and industrial manufacturing and commercial businesses.

Safety and security issues, including understanding Homeland Security regulations, are of paramount concern for freight and passenger rail operations. The necessary steps for compliance is a must…our knowledge is key to the security and success of your next project.

Construction Support Services

Streamlined and efficient solutions for getting knowledge from the field crew into the hands of the engineer and owner efficiently is necessary for your project’s success. We facilitate all required documentation, and using custom applications, manage, control and report out about construction progress. The result is a connected project team with enhanced communications and data sharing capabilities.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater, a major pollution contributor to our waterways, also increases the frequency of major flooding to local towns and communities. We embrace new technology and sustainable design practices, using green infrastructure to prevent pollution and enhance your projects. Design elements such as detention ponds, green or vegetative roofs, and permeable paving are examples of sustainable ways to aid in stormwater management.

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