Pioneer Valley Transit Authority’s (PVTA) Bus Maintenance Facility

Pioneer Valley Transit Authority’s (PVTA) existing bus maintenance and operations facility was 100+ years old and functionally inadequate. Wendel designed their new bus maintenance and operations facility on a new site. The new facility will improve operating/maintenance efficiency, increase bus storage capacity, incorporate sustainable solutions to improve the environment, reduce energy costs, be ADA accessible and code compliant and provide an overall safer environment for drivers, maintenance and operations employees.

Project scope included:

  • Physical/capacity assessment of the existing bus maintenance and operations facility;
  • Evaluation of current and forecasted space programming needs;
  • Identification of the optimal size and location for a future transit maintenance and operations facility;
  • Conceptual plans of the space program to “test fit” the future facility on various potential sites;
  • Site location and environmental screening;
  • Design development and construction documents (2015)

The new 278,000 sf facility is located on Cottage Street in Springfield, MA and will store and support 150 fixed route buses and have the maintenance capacity for PVTA’s entire fleet. Included in the new facility is a 27,000 sf of office space for their operations and management staff. Articulated buses will be stored and maintained along with their standard fixed route fleet and a charging station is included for new electric buses.