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Value through transparency and partnership

Our focus is always on optimizing project delivery options.

Wendel integrates architectural, engineering and energy management services with a team of construction professionals who bring a unique mix of knowledge, talent and experience to the table. This allows us to offer a variety of project delivery options to fit your needs, including our Master Builder approach, Construction Manager-as-Agent (CMAA) and Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR).

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Our approach uses an alternative project delivery method where the professional services firm leads as design-builder. With this approach, the professionally led design-builder provides a single point of contact for the client throughout the lifecycle of the project, ensuring a streamlined process so customers receive more quality and value for their investment for less cost.

Improving on the traditional contractor-led design build concept, this method employs an open-book and fully transparent approach the client can trust. It expedites project delivery and ensures clients stay in control. Projects led by professionals have best outcomes and long-term involvement.

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Construction Manager-as-Agent (CMAA)

Our services provide for overall project management. This includes scheduling, cost estimating, value engineering, pre-qualification of bidders, bid procurement, review and qualification of successful bidders, budget and cost control, document control, quality assurance, claims avoidance and project closeout.

Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR)

In addition to the services we provide as CMAA, when acting as CMAR, we hold all of the subcontracts for completion of the construction, offering a higher level of cost control and scheduling. Wendel’s expertise in utilizing this approach—along with our ability to keep pace with tight schedules, and balance efficiency and constructability—has proven to bring in projects on time and within budget.

Selecting a construction manager is all about finding someone you can trust to look out for you as the owner. That relationship is what we value. It is the essence of our approach to delivering great projects.

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