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Life’s a journey, not a destination.

Sustainable solutions in water infrastructure

From the source to the tap—protecting the quality of our nation’s water is our top priority.

We are stewards of the environment, which informs how we approach projects. Specializing in water treatment and distribution, wastewater systems and stormwater, we are passionate about improving your quality of life and bringing fresh, clean water to all.

Water Treatment and Distribution. Standards for water quality and operational reliability are more complex than ever. We show our clients how technology can enhance day-to-day operations and how energy-efficient processes and distribution systems can save you time and money.

Wastewater Systems. Our extensive experience allows us to design systems that meet regulatory requirements and are also economically sustainable.

Stormwater. Our specialists can help with all aspects of managing stormwater quantity and quality. We make sure our clients are operating in accordance with federal and state regulations and local pollution policies.



An Integrated Capital & Energy Planning (ICE) program helps create a world where capital improvements can pay for themselves, freeing municipalities from always having to impose more burdens on ratepayers or rely on grant funding. Learn More

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Wendel 2018 Earth Day Cleanup

Wendel was excited to have the opportunity to participate in Earth Day cleanups this year in 4 of our office locations: Buffalo, NY, Alexandria, VA, Richmond, VA and Minneapolis, MN! Watch the video below to take a look at our events in Buffalo and Virginia.


Our Water Experts are Doing it Again…We’re Presenting Across the Country!

 The Wendel Water Team members sharing their expertise on a variety of topics across the country this year:   Andrew Casolini, PE, LEED AP (Co-Author: Jamie Johnson, PE, LEED AP) Strasburg Water Resource Recovery Facility Yields Major Cost Savings NYWEA 90th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Integrated Capital and Energy Planning (ICE), Co-presenter with Brian Sibiga, PE PennTec …Read More


Our Wendel Experts are Presenting Across the Country…

The Wendel Water Team is busy presenting across the Country over the next few months. WaterJam – Hampton, VA Beach, VA: September 11-14, 2017   Brian Sibiga will be presenting on: “Concrete Water Storage Tanks”   Clayton Johnson will be presenting on: “Filtration – To Upgrade or Rehabilitate: A Case Study of Two Utilities” Chris LaManna …Read More


Why Green Infrastructure?

The Chautauqua Institution had a problem. Algae in Chautauqua Lake had reached unsafe levels. The algae blooms, caused by an overabundance of phosphorus in the water, were not just unattractive: they were toxic to swimmers and wildlife as well. Founded in 1874, the Chautauqua Institution’s resort and adult education center had long been renowned for …Read More



Wendel, a nationally recognized design, construction and energy services company (ESCO), is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Architectural Design Group, LLC (ADG), a leader in architectural design and planning in Wisconsin, to enhance its service offering and market reach in the Midwest United States. ADG’s expertise encompasses healthcare and educational facilities, as well …Read More


Buffalo Sewer Authority Reduces Emissions & Energy Costs at Bird Island Wastewater Facility

Energy efficiency upgrades earn $400,000 incentive from National Grid through energy survey conducted in conjunction with Wendel BUFFALO, NY— The Buffalo Sewer Authority (BSA) has completed an extensive energy efficiency survey and resulting equipment upgrades at its Bird Island wastewater treatment facility that will reduce both operating costs and the plant’s environmental footprint. Advanced lighting …Read More

Meet The Wendel Water Wastewater Stormwater Team

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  • Scott M. Rybarczyk

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  • Brian M. Sibiga

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  • Timothy G. Walck

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  • Michael W. Wymer

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Town of Strasburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

  • Markets: Water Wastewater Stormwater, Municipal Government
  • Services: Engineering, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Grants, Geographic Information Systems

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

Planning, Stormwater and Steel Re-use

  • Markets: Hospitality & Gaming, Private Development, Water Wastewater Stormwater
  • Services: Construction, Engineering, Planning, Surveying, Sustainability

City of Oswego

Energy Performance Contract

  • Markets: Water Wastewater Stormwater, Municipal Government, Energy Efficiency
  • Services: Engineering, Construction, Energy Efficiency, Water Wastewater Retrofits, Sustainability

Ohio Street

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Markets: Municipal Government, Surface Transportation, Water Wastewater Stormwater
  • Services: Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Surveying, Community Planning + Design, Sustainability


Data Center Commissioning and Design

  • Markets: Mission Critical, Private Development, Water Wastewater Stormwater
  • Services: Engineering, Commissioning, Surveying, Sustainability

Cinder Bed Road

Bus Garage Design

  • Markets: Public Transportation, Municipal Government, Water Wastewater Stormwater
  • Services: Architecture, Engineering, Sustainability

Erie County Water Authority

Wehrle Tank Maintenance

  • Markets: Water Wastewater Stormwater, Municipal Government
  • Services: Engineering, Surveying, Construction, Water Wastewater Retrofits

Town of Newfane

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewer System Engineering Services

  • Markets: Water Wastewater Stormwater, Municipal Government
  • Services: Construction, Engineering, Surveying, Planning, Water Wastewater Retrofits, Grants

Erie County Department of Public Works

Environmental Compliance Services

  • Markets: Municipal Government, Water Wastewater Stormwater
  • Service: Engineering

Village of Horseheads

Well No. 5 Filtration Project

  • Markets: Water Wastewater Stormwater, Municipal Government
  • Services: Surveying, Engineering, Construction, Water Wastewater Retrofits

Tecumseh Business Park

Access Road Construction

  • Markets: Municipal Government, Surface Transportation, Water Wastewater Stormwater
  • Services: Surveying, Engineering, Planning, Sustainability