Wilkeson Pointe

Brownfields Redevelopment / Waterfront Park Design

A transformative park space on former industrial lands along Buffalo’s Outer Harbor on Lake Erie. This pioneer brownfields project utilized innovative methods for stormwater management and for capping materials on-site, and incorporated unique artistic wind sculptures and sculptural landforms into the playful site design. A large focal earthen mound with a spiral pathway to the top allows for bicycle and pedestrian access to an overlook with unprecedented sunset views over the existing stone breakwall to the open lake beyond. Unique “fort-like” formations (steep berms) pay homage to the historic fort earthworks in the region, and are part of a natural playground and environmental education area. The project was one of Buffalo’s first parks designed to be a naturalistic “no-mow” landscape with all native plantings and minimal maintenance requirements, however, as the park has become more popular, extensive public use and large event crowds have resulted in a more managed and manicured setting in portions of the park.