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Wendel provides a wide array of engineering and construction services in many different markets for clients ranging from small communities to large municipalities. Our experience in planning, designing and implementing water projects allows us to focus our efforts on the best opportunities to save energy, improve operations and reduce maintenance costs. Management of energy consumption is a critical factor in balancing regulatory requirements with decreasing capital resources. Certified Energy Managers are part of Wendel’s core water team and assist in delivering cost-effective, energy efficient design solutions.

The collaboration that occurs within our organization between engineers, process engineers, construction specialists, and energy engineers is unique in our industry. Our water engineers
work concurrently with our energy engineers to identify and design energy efficient improvements to existing pumping facilities. As a result, we intuitively keep energy efficiency at the forefront of our design recommendations, which can ultimately result in long-term cost savings to you.

Water Treatment

Standards for water quality and operational reliability have become more demanding. Wendel provides design solutions for water system upgrades, retrofits, and replacements customized to individual needs.


Water Systems

Our extensive experience in water system facilities includes: distribution, transmission, pump stations, treatment and regulatory compliance. This knowledge enables us to design systems that
both meet regulatory requirements and are economically sustainable.

Our water expertise includes:

  • Raw Water Intake & Water Treatment Process Design
  • Residuals Management
  • Energy Efficiency Improvements
  • CIP Planning & Prioritization
  • Master Planning
  • Distribution Modeling & Design
  • Zebra Mussel Control


Master Planning

Every utility must periodically assess the adequacy of their water source, treatment process and storage/delivery systems with respect to future growth, evolving regulations and aging infrastructure. Wendel has been providing master planning services to communities to meet a variety of needs including evaluations of alternate water treatment technologies, planning and siting of treatment, pumping, storage and distribution facilities, residuals master planning, energy efficiency studies, and computer-based modeling of treatment and distribution systems.


Understanding Regulations

The increasing emphasis on protecting the quality of our nation’s waters is placing increasing demands to reduce contaminants found in source water. Wendel’s drinking water team promotes the development of innovative, cost-effective design solutions for both water treatment and residuals treatment. Regulations create permits which focus on the health of consumers. Wendel has expertise in the procedures and timelines associated with the permitting process and installing energy efficient solutions on behalf of our clients.


Water Modeling and GIS

We combine water modeling and GIS technology to provide intensive and cost-effective analysis of water distribution systems. Information and maps can be easily accessed, exchanged, and combined for a variety of applications. Record drawings can be retrieved at a repair site, and impacts of unusual water quality, flow, or pressure conditions on water system performance can be predicted. Both water modeling and GIS are readily used for the development of capital plans, vulnerability assessments, emergency response plans, and other operational needs.


Energy Efficiency

Managing energy consumption is a critical factor in balancing regulatory requirements with decreasing capital resources. Certified Energy Managers are part of Wendel’s core water team and assist in delivering cost-effective, energy-efficient design and treatment solutions. We also pursue grant funding that is available to help with the implementation of recommended measures.


Water Treatment Operational Efficiency Consulting

Municipal water treatment plants also struggle to manage the balance in maintaining consumer focused budgets against a continuous increase in costs to meet strict regulatory requirements. We will work with you to provide comprehensive need evaluations including evaluation of personnel efficiency, chemical usage and technological, consolidation/shared buying and asset management practices. This may include staff augmentation.

Meet The Wendel Water Engineering Team

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