Solar Energy Services

Did you know Wendel provides a wide range of support services, for the solar industry?

The solar regulatory climate is one that is constantly in flux.  You need a team of Engineers and Planners that understands the regulatory environment and are well versed in the design and construction of solar projects.  When you work with Wendel, you are working with a skilled team that has extensive knowledge and experience:

  • NYS Laws and Regulations (94 c)
  • Regulatory Agencies and their processes and approvals/permits
  • The SEQR process and environmental impacts
  • Municipal laws, regulations, and processes
  • NYS Implementation regulations
  • Public Hearings and government meeting procedures
  • NYSERDA requirements and Funding
  • Host Community Agreements and PILOTS
  • Boundary and Topographic surveys
  • Site Assessment services
  • Site layout/ site plans
  • Landscaping and visual impacts
  • Electrical and power interconnections
  • Battery storage
  • Operation and Maintenance Plans
  • Decommissioning Plans

Meet our Solar Team

Andrew Reilly, AICP
Sheila Ransbottom, PE
Daniel Leonard, AICP
Keith Krug, CEM












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