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Healthy Workplaces Assessment 


The COVID-19 health pandemic has brought new practices into our everyday lives, including social distancing, protective equipment and significant changes in the ways that we work.

Are you ready to transition your employees back into the office? Wendel has been helping clients design their work environments for over 30 years. We have a full-service team of architects, interior designers, air quality specialists and construction management professionals ready to assess your workplace and move-in readiness. Wendel’s design approach is based in the principals and best practices reflected in our extensive healthcare design experience.

We can help you adapt healthy design principles and offer a range of solutions as you transition your employees back into the office.

Back to the workplace and get our community back on the job!

We Can Help!

  • On-site tour of your facility
  • Document existing conditions & concerns
  • Create re-envisioned space plans to cue social distancing and greater hygiene
  • Provide scaled recommendations

a. Simple adjustments

b. Incremental improvements

c. Smart re-design

  • Assist with cost estimating and implementation strategy


From simple adjustments to your current workplace to a complete redesign of your work environment, you’re in good hands with Wendel.

To get an assessment for your facility, contact us today.