Who is Wendel? We are Wendel.

Meet Jennifer (Jenny) Zubricky, Senior Administrative Specialist, Accounting









Jenny is one of Wendel’s Senior Administrative Specialists in the Accounting Department. She grew up in the Amherst/Williamsville area and is living the “quintessential suburban life,” not far from Wendel’s headquarters in Williamsville, NY. And yes, she does have a white picket fence.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Jenny: Survival. I have a 5-year-old daughter who may or may not have inherited my stubbornness, and a 2-year-old son with a man bun that likes to face death dozens of times a day.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Jenny: The flexibility and investment in our people. The trusting relationship that I have with my manager allows me to flex my schedule to meet my family’s needs, while also being able to work full time and properly contribute to Wendel. A classic win-win. I also love my group and the individuals that I work closely with. It’s a fun and welcoming environment and I appreciate that we can be ourselves in a genuine way, yet still remaining professional and productive.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Jenny: My family loves adventures at local parks, and going to museums such as AKG, Science, Explore & More, and the zoo. Also, you will often find us at breweries that have outside green space and watching Formula 1 races on the weekends.

Project Highlight:

I pride myself in the fact that I have completely transformed the “Accounting Clerk” origins that I started at 10+ years ago. I work hard to tweak our processes to make them more efficient and save everyone time and hassle in the end. In the last few years, especially with a push from Covid, we have really put almost all our processes in the digital world. Allowing for better collaboration and more efficient work.

Meet Dean Gowen, Senior Landscape Architect









Dean Gowen, RLA, CLARB, ASLA is one of Wendel’s Landscape Architects. Dean attended Cornell University and spent almost 40 years living in different states including New Hampshire, South Florida, Rhode Island, and Buffalo.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Dean: After getting up and having a cup of coffee, I am often balancing a number of different projects, working with our various branch offices and business sectors, from transit to energy to architecture to our more traditional LA and planning projects. Often, there’s even some proposal and business development work mixed in there, too.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Dean: The multi-disciplinary aspects of most of our projects and collaborating with people with a wide array of talents and expertise. Plus, the fact that in this wonderful world of computers that has now taken over most aspects of our business, there are still people around, even including many of our clients, that like (and appreciate) the good old fashioned and dying art-form of hand drawn site designs, sketches and master plans! Don’t forget that computers don’t design things, people do.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Dean: Free time? What’s that? Ha. But seriously, I tend always to be doing a bunch of ongoing or never-ending projects around our house and property, which for the most part, tend to be very therapeutic (and some are even fun and rewarding!). We also live in a very rural and natural setting with a ton of family property around us (it’s a four-season destination for most others), so I try to get out and enjoy it as much as possible, especially hanging out by our scenic river or taking a walk or ride up onto the mountain. We also love traveling when things slow down here – and since our kids (and now grandkid) live elsewhere, we will be spending more and more time visiting them.

Project Highlight:

I really don’t have one favorite, especially when it comes to our many site design and master plan efforts. Each one is different and unique, especially given the various locations and sites across the country. One place that has been a favorite over the years has been our many projects at the Chautauqua Institution. These have included projects with extensive ecological and sustainable focus, unique urban design aspects with plazas and walkways, waterfront master planning, and shoreline restoration/naturalization work, with current efforts for a playground installation and specialty street/plaza design with permeable pavers in the center of their campus. Others have included the current Bus transfer center and campus design at Virginia Tech, the former master plan for the Westwood Country Club Redevelopment, the extensive master planning efforts on both sides of Niagara Falls, and the design of Wilkeson Pointe on Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, to mention just a few. Too many to choose from.

Meet Matthew Jessup, EIT, Mechanical Engineer









Matthew Jessup is one of Wendel’s Mechanical Engineers out of our Rochester, NY office. He grew up in the Hudson Valley and moved to Rochester to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology. Now he lives just outside of Rochester in the country. Matthew recently picked up pottery as a hobby and spends a lot of time in the studio.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Matthew: My wife and I have a 7-month-old puppy and a 7-year-old husky who keep us quite busy when we aren’t at work.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Matthew: The people are the best part of Wendel.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Matthew: When we aren’t doing yard work or projects around the house, we spend a lot of time with family and friends. During the summer, we try and make it out to the lake and spend as much time outside as we can.

Project Highlight:

The chiller replacement at Empire State Plaza was one of my favorites, due to the grand and unique scale of the project. We had a great team and client, that all worked well together. It was an exciting challenge and opportunity to learn, and I was happy to have been a part of it.

Meet Aimee Zielinski, Project Manager









Aimee Zielinski is a Registered Architect and Project Manager here at Wendel. She was born and raised in the Buffalo area. In between her busy schedule, she enjoys creating, whether it be in the kitchen with a new recipe, or a mountain of Lego blocks on the floor with her son!

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Aimee: My day typically includes meetings with design teams, clients, subconsultants as well as other internal management meetings. I am highly goal oriented, so my calendar/planner (traditional pen to paper please!) and to-do list guide my path each day.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Aimee: Without a doubt, the people at Wendel are the best! I am fortunate to work with some awesome, talented, and dedicated professionals.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Aimee: As a mom of a 4-year-old, the concept of free time is relative! I truly find joy in the art of making. Whether in the kitchen with a new recipe, a mountain of Lego blocks on the floor, or a watercolor set and a sheet of fresh, cold-pressed paper at the dining room table, the importance of exploring one’s creativity is something I hope to impart to my son.

Project Highlight:

I joined Wendel’s Five Bugles Design and Mitchell Associates Architects group in the development and design of public safety projects within the past year. This is a fascinating area of design, and I am constantly learning from those who have made it their life’s passion to better the built environment with these types of projects.

Meet Chris Osterhoudt, Director of Sustainability









Chris is a registered architect and Wendel’s Director of Sustainability. He grew up in northern Virginia and has been living in Buffalo, NY, since 2009. His love for the outdoors is what informs his passion for sustainable design.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Chris: Straight to the office in the morning, home for dinner (alternating dinner responsibilities is taken very seriously!), then depending on the time of year, I might either go to the University at Buffalo to teach a class, work on an itinerary for our next trip, finish up a renovation project, or enjoy a movie/game night.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Chris: The breadth of experience in so many different disciplines – to be able to casually message and learn from professional energy designers, mechanical engineers, or cost estimators in-house is unique.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Chris: Outdoor adventures – backpacking, camping, kayaking, traveling and exploring new places.  My love for the outdoors is what informs my passion for sustainable design.

Project Highlight:

Either Northern Bus Garage due to the immense diversity, complexity, and uniqueness of challenges to solve, or Bryant Park Shelter due to the very hands on approach to sustainability we are taking, and how serious the client is about some of the opportunities.


Meet Mary Grew, Proposal Coordinator








Mary is one of our proposal coordinators. She grew up in East Aurora and has an identical twin sister who she does everything with. In her free time, she likes to hang with family and friends, read, watch movies, try new places, and do anything outside including golf and tennis.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Mary: My typical day at work involves coordinating the many moving pieces to proposals and interviews, maintaining our database with accurate project and resume information, and creating final project sheets and standard proposal pieces for ease of use. There is never a dull moment as one day you’re calmly working on one proposal, and the next day you may get five more (possibly all due the same day). I primarily work with the energy group, and we like to meet weekly to discuss our workload, upcoming opportunities, and hold working sessions to maintain progress on current proposals and other efforts.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Mary: What I like most about working at Wendel is the fun, collaborative, and supportive culture. I especially enjoy the fun I have with my team and how we can count on each other to fill in when needed or pick up a proposal or task when one of us is overloaded. What I like most about working with the energy group is being a part of the huge initiative and challenge to reach a carbon-neutral future.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Mary: In my free time, you can find me keeping busy with family and friends. I enjoy being out with friends, golfing with my (very patient) boyfriend, and playing tennis with (or against) my twin sister. My goal is to get back into skiing to stay active during the winter.

Project Highlight:

My favorite projects that I’ve worked on include proposals to Columbia University and Yale University for electrification of their campuses and to local municipalities and school districts for implementation of capital improvement projects that generate savings and help them achieve their climate action goals. It’s rewarding to win proposals and see the work being done, especially in our own community.

Meet Tom Duke, Interior Designer









Meet Tom Duke, one of Wendel’s interior designers. Tom is highly involved in many projects and enjoys working across Wendel’s teams. He is an asset to the company, contributing to strategic goals, growing Wendel, and being a mentor to young professionals.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Tom: My typical days are spent multi-tasking with my hands in many different tasks. I am always looking for marketing opportunities whether through relationship building or networking to connect the dots.  I am project sponsor for many projects including Allianz, Owens & Minor, Virginia Department of Health, Commonwealth Primary Care and more. I am highly involved in the projects and a lot of my time is making sure our projects are on track, on budget and the client is happy and feels like they are our only client. I enjoy the creative process, working with our very creative team and the long-term relationship building over the years. I do like to share my many years of experience/knowledge with others and contribute to our strategic plans goals and growth opportunities at Wendel.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Tom: By far, Wendel is the best company I have ever worked for. It’s always good to have experienced the opposite so you know how special this really is. The size of our company keeps growing and I am so impressed how we stay connected. We have more of a family like company and that is very special. Having the regional offices really helps that vibe for sure. I love what I do every day and the diversity that each day brings.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Tom: Oh boy, lots of things when I have time. Here is my list:

  • Bringing together friends and family to share in a mutual appreciation fest. To me it is so important to do this and let others know that you truly care about them and spending time together.
  • As much time as I can get with my son and his family including three amazing granddaughters. There are no words to say how lucky I am to have them and getting together monthly just with my son for real conversations, laugh and to share our life experiences.
  • Spending time at my river place on the Potomac River in Virginia. This is my oasis and place of peace. I have fantastic neighbors and we visit all the time.
  • Travel is a love of mine. Over the last few years that was not possible as we all know, but I plan to get back to that in 2024. Europe is on the list!
  • Nature and I get along fantastic. Getting grounded and connecting with nature is so important.
  • I have made jewelry for 38 years and I continue to do that when I can. I usually do two art shows a year and have a large repeat customer following.
  • This leaves little time for my painting and pastel artwork, but I do enjoy that as well.
  • I think after the above, I have no free time at this point…LOL!

Project Highlight:

The Virginia Department of Health is the latest project still underway and the first project for our office where we are the Clients Representative. It has been a huge success for this large relocation of 64,000 sq ft. We coordinate many players at the table including the City of Newport News, Riverside Healthcare as well as VDH. We also interfaced the States real estate/facilities group Department of Real Estate Services.
It was a very challenging project with so many people at the table. We helped coordinate for the client all aspects of the client from programming, architecture, interfacing with contractors and subs, interiors, furniture, building evaluation feedback, communications, IT/Security vendors, Generator Studies and Proposals, scheduling, move coordination (five phases), mediator, you name it we did it and represented the client.
With all the obstacles that were thrown at us including a lease that finally got signed when the first move was occurring, this was and is a huge success. It is still in process and all moves will be complete by the end of the year.

Meet Adam Kaufman, Energy Engineer









Adam is one of our energy engineers. In his spare time, he enjoys staying active and spending time with friends.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Adam: The typical workday consists of working on all aspects of projects in the energy group, from audits to design to construction. Primary focus on project management and project development. Typically developing calculations and reports. Conducting on-site surveys and construction progress site visits. Lots of meetings with colleges and clients.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Adam: The mission and the people. The Wendel team is encouraging, thoughtful, empathetic, intelligent, and inspiring. The mission is to build a more effective, efficient, and sustainably built environment for the future.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Adam: I like to stay active, working out, golfing, skiing. I enjoy grabbing a drink with friends and watching sports.

Project Highlight:

My favorite project is probably implementing a building analytics program for Yale University. I worked full-time for Yale University, working hand in hand with their engineering and facilities group to develop a brand-new program for the university that leverages automated fault detection and diagnostics software to identify and rectify energy deficiencies throughout their central and medical campuses!

Meet Bob Mitchell, Senior Architect









Bob Mitchell is one of our Architects with Wendel’s Five Bugles Design team out of Voorheesville, NY. He grew up in New York City and now resides in an 1804 farmhouse in the country. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and caring for his property.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Bob: I start well before daybreak in an office in the house. Then a walk across the yard, and a footbridge over a stream to the barn, where seven of us work. We are a closely knit team. Some of us have worked together for 25 years. We have lunch together daily and share what is important in our lives.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Bob: Everyone that I have met at Wendel is kind, considerate, and helpful. Wendel has done a remarkable job to foster this environment. It is a great antidote to the emotions I feel when I read the news and see how “the rest of the word” seems to live.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Bob: Puttering. Swimming laps. Being with Cecile (my wife), the kids and grandchildren.

Project Highlight:

The Peekskill Fire Station. We were allowed to design a beautiful building for a community of 19th and early 20th century buildings. The station is a statement by the city that the historic fabric of the community has value that is to be honored and maintained. They consider the station as a gateway to the city, and an example to potential developers that when the city says it wants quality design and construction, they back it up with their own actions.

Meet Bailey Merrill, Architect









Bailey is an architect who has been with Wendel for seven years. She works out of our Eau Claire Wisconsin office on a variety of projects, including K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, and public safety buildings. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors and can often be found camping and enjoying the warm weather.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Bailey: It seems like no two days are the same for me. My days are a mix of coordinating with project teams, developing construction documents, traveling to job sites, and meeting with clients. I enjoy being involved in so many aspects of the design process.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Bailey: The culture at Wendel. The working environment is fun, supportive, and collaborative.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Bailey: Right now, my free time involves keeping up with my son, who has just started crawling. In the summer, you’ll find me outside walking, camping, and enjoying the warm weather.

Project Highlight

The Technical Education Center at Osseo-Fairchild Schools is one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on so far. The project consisted of a new building to house the school’s expanding Tech Ed programs. We had a fantastic client who was very passionate about the technical arts, which helped make the design process successful!








Meet Dave Ward, Network Engineer









Dave is a Network Engineer who has been with Wendel for eight years. He loves to exercise and used to play ultimate frisbee professionally.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Dave: There is never a dull moment in IT here at Wendel. We all wear multiple hats in our department, and there are always new and exciting challenges to tackle in the world of technology.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Dave: I love the culture and the people I work with here at Wendel. I get to work with many different technologies on a daily basis, so the work is never boring or repetitive.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Dave: My wife and I are expecting our first baby any day now, so most of my time has been spent getting ready for that. When I do have free time, I enjoy playing disc golf and spending time with friends and family.

Project Highlight

Being in IT, we don’t work directly with our clients on projects. We recently completed an internal project to change our ERP system. I had the role of IT Technical Lead for that project which was both fun and challenging!

Meet Jillian Augustyn, Assistant Construction Manager









Jillian Augustyn is our Assistant Construction Manager. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Alfred State and is currently working towards her MBA with a Project Management focus. She’s been with Wendel for almost two years and resides in West Seneca, NY. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, camping and hiking in Allegany State Park. She’s also a big Buffalo sports fan. Go Bills & Sabres!

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Jillian: Everyday can be very different in the construction industry. I’m either out in the field on construction sites overseeing the progress and acting as a liaison between the contractors, owners and design team in order to help keep the project moving forward or I am in the office assisting my fellow team members on various projects our group is overseeing. Some days can be stressful, chaotic, crazy, but at the end when the project is over and the finish product is complete, it can be a truly rewarding experience.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Jillian: For me, I would say the culture here is what I enjoy. From the day I started, I have always felt as though I am a part of something greater and getting to work with my fellow team members has been a great experience. We work hard to get the job done but you can always hear us laughing and joking around with one another.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Jillian: When I am not at work making people smile, you can find me spending time with family, friends and my dog Max whether its just for a walk around the neighborhood or attending a local event.

Project Highlight

In the short time I’ve been here, I have helped on various projects with different tasks, but a project that stands out to me is our Buffalo Sewer Authority Interiors Renovation Project. This project has helped me grow in my young career as I have had the opportunity to take on the role of a CM head-on. With the help and guidance from my senior team members, this is the first job I’ve really had the chance to run with and be the main point of contact for all parties involved. There have many challenges throughout the project, and we are in the home stretch of finishing. I look back on the things I’ve learned and see how far this small project has come, and it is truly a rewarding feeling.

Meet John Havrilla, Director of Alternative Fuels, Senior Associate Principal









John Havrilla is our Director of Alternative Fuels. He’s heavily involved with electric bus projects including transit agencies, school districts, and airports across the country. He loves to travel, particularly by road and train to various destinations around the US and Canada. When at home, he can often be found cooking or in the garden.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
John: In a typical day, I usually meet with project teams, clients, and key stakeholders. I also assist in the development of project reports, estimates, schedules, and providing quality assurance. Another key component of my job is business development including things like working with new and existing clients, assisting various proposal teams, and attending conferences.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
John: By far, working with great people. We have an outstanding group of partners and team members with a wide range of experience levels. Team collaboration is fun, and even with my years in the industry, I learn new things every day from the people and teams I work with.

Our clientele is outstanding. Many of them are long-term repeat clients. Collaboration on projects goes beyond our internal staff. We have also developed strong relationships with other service providers. We very often are competitors on one project and partners on another.

The Wendel culture fosters collaboration and encourages new ideas and participation from all members of the company. When you work here, you feel like you are part of something, and you can see that what you do is making a difference.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
John: I like to spend time with my family. I enjoy gardening and cooking with my wife of 41 years. I married my best friend, and we have lived and traveled to various parts of the country. We like to see the sites around Western New York and Canada and spend time at the lakes and the falls.

Project Highlight
Probably my favorite would have to be the Ohio State University Energy Services project with ENGIE, simply due to its magnitude. This project leveraged relationships I had developed with people years ago, has touched almost every discipline within Wendel, and has proven to be a very successful collaborative effort.

Meet Dave Kenyon, Senior Landscape Architect, Associate Principal









Dave Kenyon is a senior landscape architect and Associate Principal with Wendel. He has been with the firm for over 30 years and works with Wendel’s multi-disciplinary teams. Dave grew up in the idyllic streets and ballparks of the City of Tonawanda. He enjoys home improvement projects, working in his yard, hitting the golf course and taking his lab on walks through the woods.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Dave: Most mornings start with brewing a pot of coffee and emptying the dishwasher followed by design and project coordination. Working with project teams in one way or another. Way more email than should be permitted by law.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Dave: I like the multi-disciplinary environment of Wendel. Working in multi-disciplinary teams is like playing a team sport, playing off each other’s strengths while leaning on each other to solve problems.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Dave: Watering and tending to the dozens of plants in our Buffalo office.

Project Highlight:

The new Clint Small Stadium at Tonawanda High School, my alma mater. This project touched on virtually all my professional hot buttons; multi-disciplinary teamwork, passion for sports, hometown pride, respect for history and remembering the teachers and coaches that influenced me along the way.







Meet Matthew Baron, Mechanical Engineer, Associate Principal









Matthew Baron is a mechanical engineer and Associate Principal with Wendel. He has been with the firm for over ten years and works closely with our Energy Efficiency group. When he’s not at work, he can be found spending time with his family.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Matthew: My typical day begins with getting my three children ready for school and walking the dog. Then, I’m off to work. Here at Wendel, I work in the Mechanical Engineering department primarily focused on designs associated with implementing energy conservation measures. In short, I work closely with the Energy group.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Matthew: There are many things I like about working at Wendel. To top the list, I would have to say my fellow coworkers in the Mechanical and Electrical group. We have a great working relationship with one another.

Wendel: What types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Matthew: My free time is spent camping with my family, mostly at local campgrounds. The family voted that the best place we have gone is a campground in Wellsville called Trout Run.

Project Highlight:

My favorite Project to date would be the Yahoo Data Center project in Lockport, NY. The Phase 2 project included three large data storage computer rooms, the main distribution framework computer room, and one of the largest tape library machines I’ve ever seen. The project included a unique cooling method for the data storage computer rooms, consisting of fans and evaporative media.








Meet Laura Eysnogle, Architect and Interior Designer









Laura Eysnogle is a licensed Architect and Interior Designer in the state of Wisconsin, with Wendel’s Five Bugles Design team. She concentrates on emergency response (fire, EMS, and police) facilities across the United States. Laura moved quite a bit as a child, living all over the state, but is primarily from Southeast WI. She currently resides in Eau Claire with her lovely husband Josh, their dog Jordy, and two cats Bumper and Benji.

Laura’s hobbies include knitting and running. She moved from the city to the county when she was little. To acclimate to the new setting, she joined 4-H, however, being a city kid, she didn’t have livestock or “traditional” 4-H exhibit hobbies. The knitting group seemed like fun so, she joined and found a life-long hobby. Her favorites to knit include, socks, sweaters and hats, as well as little teddy bears for her friends when they have kids.

Running is her other major hobby. Her favorite part about running is she can do it anywhere she goes. She’ll bring her running shoes whenever she travels to clients. Running in the communities she works in allows her to get to know the community better. Her goal is to run in all 50 states and she’s slowing checking them off one by one.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Laura: I work a lot with clients. Typically, I travel two to three days a week to attend/lead client meetings. When I’m not traveling, I work with our internal teams to move projects from concepts through occupancy.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Laura: I love the people I work with the most – both clients and my comrades at Wendel. I think that the design and architecture industry is special because it allows us to use our imaginations to create an environment that betters the lives of people. We can’t create these environments without getting to know our clients. The listening to clients, getting to know them, and problem-solving is my favorite part of the job.

Above and beyond the clients, the people who I work with day-to-day within Wendel make it all worthwhile. This can be a challenging industry with long hours and constant change. The people you’re surrounded by can make or break an experience. I’m so lucky to work with such a great group of talented and supportive people.

Wendel: What types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Laura: My free time looks a lot different depending on the seasons. In the warmer months, I’m outside working in my yard, gardening, running, kayaking, or golfing. In the colder months, I am still outside running, but once my run is over, I move indoors to warmer activities like knitting, playing my instruments, hanging with family/friends, or cooking.

Project Highlight:

The Riverside Fire Station stands out as one of my favorites with the Five Bugles Design team. It was a new construction facility that I was able to work on from the early phases of design through occupancy, on both the architecture and interiors. It was a challenging facility being a pre-engineered metal structure, but still trying to have some architectural interest. The site was also a challenge with a steep grade change which can be tricky for quick and safe apparatus movement. Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chief Bowen and his team throughout the full design process.

Laura was a judge for the 2022 Station Design Awards. The showcase featured seven categories of fire and emergency service facilities, including entries from 46 architectural firms, construction companies and fire departments. Judges were asked to review each entry based on site location, design, operations, functionality, and safety for personnel. Learn more here.








Meet Jeffrey Ricci, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist









Jeffrey Ricci joined Wendel last summer as our Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist. He grew up in Hamburg and graduated from Medaille College. He is married, no kids, and he and his wife live in Derby. He coaches basketball and is a huge sports fan!

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Jeff: Never the same two days in a row! I start with responding to any candidates or interview requests from the team, after responding to all emails/questions, I’ll look at each open position and review any new candidates. I schedule and coordinate each interview, update what needs to be, post new positions, find time to source on harder to fill positions, and then extend any verbal offers we might be making.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Jeff: The culture. The Wendel team is fun and friendly to work with and my coworkers live up to their commitments.

Wendel: What types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Jeff: In the winter, you’ll find me at the gym coaching high school basketball. In the off season, you’ll find me shooting hoops or hanging out on a patio somewhere with friends and family.

Project Highlight:

I’m not super project based, but we have recently completed a project on the HR team where we are moving from manual onboarding and paperwork to an electronic onboarding process. This has been my favorite project because it will help provide an even better onboarding experience for our new hires and internal teams, which is important to me, and I was pretty involved in it.

Meet Chris George, Energy Engineer










Chris is an Energy Engineer and Senior Associate Principal in Wendel’s Energy Services Group. His role is to manage and lead energy projects from development through implementation. He is currently the Program Manager for Wendel’s energy conservation work at The Ohio State University. Chris grew up in Churchville, NY, just outside of Rochester. He and his wife, Jodi have four boys, Carson, Connor, Charlie and Chandler and are currently living in Marilla, NY. He and his family enjoy camping all over the Northeast, most recently spent some time in Lake Champlain near Vermont and Bar Harbor, ME.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Chris: A day for me at Wendel can be a lot of things.  I coordinate with our project team, clients and subcontractors on tasks and deliverables.  We have current projects that are in development with our energy engineers and design engineers working on construction documents and active construction being managed by our CMs.  Another part of my day is planning and looking ahead on projects to identify potential issues or risks that can be addressed before they become problems.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Chris: The people I get to work with every day is what I like most about working at Wendel.  Our Wendel team treats each other like family, and we work and partner with great clients and subcontractors to deliver great projects.

Wendel: What types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Chris: I do not have much free time, but when there is I like to play golf, go to sporting events and concerts with friends.

Project Highlight:

Our projects at The Ohio State University are a great highlight of mine.  Our first project at Dreese Lab installed a new heat recovery chiller (HRC) in the mechanical space that has helped reduce the buildings annual energy use by over 30%.  This project was one of the first on campus to install and utilize an HRC.  In the past five years, more than ten additional HRC’s have been installed in different buildings, saving significant energy for the University.










Meet David Spring, Structural Engineer









David is a Structural Engineer with Wendel. He first joined the firm as an intern but has now come back to work with us full time. In his spare time, David enjoys playing video games, spending time with family including his dog Theo, and is a member of the Amherst Symphony Orchestra.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
David: Right now, a work week looks something like this: Some days I’ll be out on site helping with site assessments or gathering measurements, and more often I’ll be working on calculations and modeling structures to help the Structural team with our projects.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
David: My favorite part about working here so far is learning from and chatting with my mentors and teammates in Structural. Everyone here is great about showing me the ropes (of which there are many) and guiding me along the early stages of my engineering career.

Wendel: What types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
David: When I’m not at work, I like to play video games with my brother (though he’s leaving for college soon) and practice violin – I’m now part of the Amherst Symphony Orchestra. When I’m not doing either of those things, I’m probably hanging out with my dog, Theo.

Project Highlight

My favorite project that I’ve worked on to date is probably the Lawrence Intermodal Center. I contributed to a bunch of calculations and design and modeled up a pretty cool bus canopy in RAM while I was working here as an intern.







Meet Lindsay Brownschidle, Project Manager, Associate Principal









Lindsay is an architect, Project Manager and Associate Principal with Wendel. She has more than a decade of experience delivering projects, from planning through design and construction. Through her work, Lindsay has expertise in a variety of client sectors including hospitality, public transportation, commercial, and higher education. Lindsay coordinates the design and construction of projects from beginning to end, including monitoring project scope, schedule, and budget as well as managing the activities and interactions of the project team, consultants, and client stakeholders.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Lindsay: No day looks the same – it’s a mix of meeting with clients and project teams, planning and executing projects, and lots of communication.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Lindsay: At Wendel there’s always someone willing to help or provide feedback. It’s nice to feel that we’re all in it together to make projects successful.

Wendel: What types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Lindsay: I enjoy traveling, doing yoga, eating ice cream, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Project Highlight

My favorite project is the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) Cottage Street Bus Operations and Maintenance Facility in Springfield, MA. This was the first large transit project that I was able to see from the beginning to the end – I learned so much!













Meet Michael Pietkiewicz, Director of Project Development









Mike, our Director of Project Development and College and University Client Sector Leader, joined Wendel in 2020. He has over 25 years of experience with College and University clients. Mike is from the Western New York Area and is a big fan of Buffalo sports, especially the Bills.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Mike: I’m not sure I have a typical day- but if I did, it would include running my kids around to activities or school, making or renewing connections or chasing down project leads for Wendel from home or the office and maybe ending the night by streaming am movie or show while enjoying a locally crafted beer.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Mike: For me it’s two things: I enjoy the collegiality – especially since many more people are coming into the office now – as well as the sense of accomplishment when we not only win a project but develop and execute it. We do great work here at Wendel and I love seeing it come to life particularly when we meet or beat client expectations.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Mike: Whenever I luck into some free time, you’ll find me looking for an opportunity to see some live music or try a new restaurant. I’m always up for trying something new or off the beaten path- I love an unexpected adventure! During the winter I participate in a curling league with some friends at the Buffalo Curling Club and in the summer we flip it over to a cornhole league.

Project Highlight

I would have to say my favorite project since coming to Wendel is the ongoing Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Baker Hall A/B Renovation and HVAC project. The project includes the renovation of a 2 story, 600 bed dormitory that RIT was considering as its first design build pilot project – on a very tight timeline. Marshaling an array of Wendel services – most importantly our design-build expertise we not only secured the project utilizing Wendel’s Immersion™ process. Our dedicated professionals did the Immersion and design work starting in January, and the work started in May with an expected competition date in August! The RIT project manager recently shared that RIT has a lot of projects going at the campus right now. RIT is extremely happy with our team’s communication/performance, and they extended their thanks to the team for all of its hard work, teamwork, and collaboration. This is where we can all take pride and find purpose in our work.








Meet Sa’Lena Woodard, Water/Wastewater Drafter









Sa’Lena is one of Wendel’s Water/Wastewater Drafters. Her role is crucial to the Water/Wastewater team, utilizing her skills and working closely with engineers to design forcemains, waterlines, pump stations, water storage tanks and water/wastewater treatment plant upgrades.

Sa’Lena grew up in Buffalo and is now living in Cheektowaga. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, especially going on cruises.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Sa’Lena: Working closely with engineers on designing forcemains, waterlines, pump stations, water storage tanks and water/wastewater treatment plant upgrades.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Sa’Lena: My project teams are easy to work with and they try to incorporate the Wendel fundamentals on a daily basis.

Wendel: What types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Sa’Lena: Spending time with family and friends, shopping, and DIY projects for my home.

Project Highlight

Erie County Water Authority – Ball North and South Storage Tank Replacements in Amherst, NY. This project consisted of the removal of the two existing 4.2 million gallon storage tanks. The tanks were demolished and replaced with a prestressed concrete storage tank. Tank design included overflow/drain piping, yard piping, inlet structures, new fencing and site grading for both sites.













Meet Rose Mattrey, Graphic Designer










Rose is Wendel’s Graphic Designer and has been with Wendel since August 2021. She utilizes her talents to help design items like marketing materials, social media graphics, posters, and presentations. In addition to graphic design, Rose is also a talented photographer.

  • She grew up in Williamsville, not far from our office, but also lived in New York City and Los Angeles.
  • Her entry into Graphic Design was a gradual process. When she lived in LA, she worked as an art director on a TV show where she often had to make signage and other graphics for the show. When she moved back to Buffalo, she worked at Artvoice, where she started learning more of the design programs and really enjoyed designing. At that point she eased in to doing more and more design work until she was doing it full time.
  • Rose and her friends used to have a small production company in Hollywood and got to work with a lot of interesting people like Kiss, Weird Al, Marilyn Manson, Tim Burton and even Betty White!

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Rose: I always have a big list of projects I’m working on, so I am often having to change course during my day when things come up that are needed quickly. The marketing team works on projects for every practice area, so there is a wide variety of work to be done on a daily basis. I spend most of my day on the computer.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Rose: I’ve only been here 8 months, but I find what Wendel does very interesting and impressive. I’ve always had a passion for architecture, and even took some history of architecture courses in college. It’s great to work at a company that does this amazing work, and such a wide variety of projects. I also like the people I work with very much. I think we have a great team, and that always makes work more enjoyable. I look forward to getting to know more of the talented people who work here.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Rose: I love to travel most of all. I always seem to be researching and planning trips. I enjoy doing that, even if I don’t end up going on all of them! I also love photography, so I am always finding things to photograph. In the warmer months I love to spend time by the water, watching sunsets, taking walks or hanging out on a beach. I am also a big soccer fan, so I enjoy following my favorite teams.

Meet Luis Rivera, Jr., Energy Engineer, Project Manager and Regional Office Leader










Luis is an Energy Engineer, Project Manager and Regional Office Leader in Wendel’s Columbus, Ohio office. He began his career with Wendel in 2017 and brings over thirty years of experience including service in the US Army as a member of the US Army Corp of Engineers. He has also been part of numerous projects in the New York Metro Area and throughout the United States working in the private, municipal, transit, K-12 and University sectors.

  • Luis grew up in Brooklyn, NY with five wonderful sisters and has recently relocated to the Columbus area and now calls Dublin, OH his home.
  • He married his soulmate, Cookie and they have four wonderful daughters – Italia (27), Madelyn (25), Gracelyn (25) and Kaitlyn (22). Making memories and watching them grow up in their blended family has been the highlight of his life.
  • When he’s not fiddling around in the garden, you’ll find him in the kitchen either cooking something or making pasta with his wife’s five-year old niece.
  • He also enjoys traveling throughout Europe or Iceland with his wife or on one of the many Daddy-Daughter trips he’s taken over the years.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Luis: A typical day usually consists of collaborating with our development/design teams in Williamsville, to our clients and stakeholders here on site at OSU and to our Construction Managers and sub-contractors. Throw in the community interaction with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce or the occasional conversation with the university students/professors who often inquire as to the project we are working on or what it’s like to work as an engineer.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Luis: I enjoy the comradery most. After all this is my work family whom I spend most of my day with. It’s not unusual to have members of the Wendel family over for dinner at the Rivera Homestead. At Wendel, whether at the Long Island office or here in Columbus, I truly enjoy mentoring. Watching our young staff grow into their positions and broaden their career experiences brings about a smile on my face. Maybe it’s a “parent thing,” but I enjoy being a part of that.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Luis: When not trying to catch a Yankees game, you’ll find me spending time with my family traveling, going to museums, sporting events, zoos, playing with the dog (Ara). I still save Saturday for Mom & Dad breakfast time at our favorite diner and Sunday belongs to Dad & Girls breakfast time (even at this age).

Project Highlight
I would have to say collaborating with the personnel at OSU to assist them in achieving their energy efficiency goals has been quite fulfilling. Implementing the many energy efficiency designs (Heat Recovery Chillers, Demand Control Ventilation, Retro-Commissioning, Geothermal, Lighting) developed back in Williamsville and seeing the savings we projected. Meeting or exceeding expectations has given not only our Columbus team, but the Energy Group a sense of accomplishment. We continue to live by the Wendel Fundamentals – “Be Solutions Oriented,” “Create Win/Win Solutions,” “Do Right by the Client,” “Make Good Promises” & “Listen Generously.”


Meet Andrew Kelkenberg, Construction Manager









Andrew is a construction manager who has been with Wendel since 2017. His relationship with Wendel began working as an intern in the structural engineering department during college, which set the stage for his return after spending time in the structural steel business after graduation. Andrew is an alumnus of the Rochester Institute of Technology for Civil Engineering Technology with a focus on Structural Engineering. He has been interested in construction since he was a child, going to jobsites with his dad and pounding nails into scrap lumber laying around the site.

  • Andrew grew up in Western NY on his family’s farm in Akron.
  • He has been married to his wife, Lily for 6 years and they’ve been together for nearly 12. They met showing livestock through 4H at the Erie County Fair.
  • He and Lily have two kids; Andrew who is 3 ½ and Alice who is 1 ½.
  • When he’s not spending time with family, he can be found working on various renovations of his house, built in the early 1800s or brewing up a fresh batch of IPA.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Andrew: I would say every day is an exciting day, I have my weekly plans that I go through Monday mornings, but all those plans could change in the blink of an eye.  When I have projects that are under construction, I’m typically spending my day overseeing the construction activities, coordinating between contractors, resolving design/construction issues, coordinating and communicating progress with our client and overall just working on keeping things moving as efficiently as possible.  I’m extremely busy every day, there’s always challenges to work through and at times things can be hectic, but I thrive off being busy and working through challenges!

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Andrew: I really enjoy the people that I work with and the teamwork mentality we all have.  We each have our own strengths in different areas, combined we make a great team that performs well.  I also enjoy the diversity of projects that we work on; I’ve worked on public projects including community centers and administration buildings, to private projects including data centers and mixed-use developments.  It’s exciting to work on an array of different projects and expand on my knowledge of working in different areas.

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Andrew: My free time is mostly spent at home with my wife Lily and two kids Andrew and Alice.  We’re excited to be welcoming our third child soon as well, any day now!  We’ve started to travel more, our most recent trip with the kids was a little getaway to Bar Harbor, Maine which the kids enjoyed very much!  Other than that, I spend most weekends working on our house which we’ve been in for a couple years now.  The house was originally built in the early 1800s and we’re in the process of completely remodeling everything, inside for now, and outside to come!

Project Highlight

Brush Mountain Community Activity Center, Orchard Park, NY

This project is a brand new, 60,000 sq. ft. multi-generational community center. Construction started in fall 2018 and completed in January 2020. Wendel provided architectural services for civil and structural phases of the project as well as mechanical and electrical engineering, plumbing and fire protection engineering.

Andrew was on this project full time during construction, working as the Project Coordinator for the Town of Orchard Park. He worked with each of the contractors daily, coordinating between contractors, the design team and the owner. He led the construction process from start to finish, holding weekly construction progress meetings and bi-weekly scheduling meetings. Andrew enjoyed being onsite and seeing this project progress while also being involved with the design team. Overall, the project was highly successful and came in under budget.

Meet Jennifer Grimmer, Senior Project Accountant/Team Leader

Jennifer is a Senior Project Accountant with Wendel and has been with the company for 13 years. She grew up in Western New York and currently resides in Pendleton, NY with her husband and two children, ages, 7 and 6.

Wendel: What are your hobbies?
Jennifer: When I’m not running kids around, I really enjoy camping and anything that involves being outdoors. We recently bought a camper and have loved going to various campsites with the kids. We also have a family cottage in the Thousand Islands where boating, floating, and relaxing on the water are my favorite things to do.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Jennifer: Every day is different in the Accounting Department. The project accountants work with the project managers to ensure that all aspects of their project financials are being reported correctly. This includes project revenue, forecasting, billing, accounts receivable, and work in progress. With over 300 different clients, the project accountants are tasked with making sure projects are set up in the financial system according to the contract and being appropriately billed based on client specifications.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Jennifer: I’ve been with Wendel for 13 years, and I am still here because of the relationships that I have built with my coworkers. We are like family, and these relationships have made coming to work enjoyable. We are sarcastic, we like to joke around, but we also take pride in our job, and we all work hard to accomplish our goals. We trust each other and know that we have each other’s backs.

Wendel: What types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Jennifer: My free time lately consists of taking my kids to gymnastics, skating, cub scouts, and girl scouts. I enjoy seeing them happy and giving them the opportunity to do things they love. I am also in a book club with my friends that has turned into a social hour when we get together.

Meet Nate Niver – Mechanical Engineer













Nate is a mechanical engineer who has been with Wendel since 2018. He specializes in designing fire protection, HVAC and plumbing systems for a wide range of building types. The challenge of working with facility needs and uses in order to create mechanical systems that are effective, efficient, and user-friendly is something Nate is passionate about. During his time with Wendel, Nate has become more involved with public transit projects, especially the work involved with upgrading mechanical systems to meet code compliancy for the adoption of alternative fuels used in public transit.

      • Nate grew up in the south towns of Buffalo, NY, but recently moved to the north towns, where he bought a house in Cheektowaga.
      • Nate enjoys working on cars or his motorcycle and enjoys playing rugby every fall.
      • Working in the mechanical field is something Nate grew up with, learning from his family’s heating and cooling business.
      • Nate was introduced to his now fiancée through a mutual friend in his senior year of high school. They are planning a 2022 wedding.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Nate: I typically get into the office around 10 to 7 in the morning but what I do every day can often vary. At any given time, I typically have a number of different projects that are all at different stages of design or construction. This means that sometimes I am working on drawings and specifications and at other times I am working on construction submittals and RFI’s. I don’t think there is ever much of a typical day.

Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Nate: This actually goes right along with the answer above. I enjoy the fact that every day is different. The different types of work and different types of projects that I am working on really help to keep work interesting and engaging

Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Nate: A lot of me and my fiancé’s time lately has been spent planning for our wedding next year. Outside of that most of the rest free time is been spent working on my house. Finally, with whatever time I have left, I really enjoy golfing during the summer months.

Wendel: Nate, thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

Project Highlight 

Town of La Pointe Fire Station. This project included designing a fire station for a small town, located on an island in Lake Superior in the state of Wisconsin. This project created a unique challenge for fire protection as the only water source for the building was a well on site. The well did not have enough capacity meet the water demand of the new building’s fire protection system. To ensure proper water supply for the sprinkler system, water storage tanks needed to be buried underground. Wendel designed a system of tanks, having a capacity of almost 30,000 gallons, that were buried below frost depth. A fire pump building was then built with a pump that reached down to the bottom of the tanks to supply the sprinkler system. The result was a fully functioning fire protection system that will keep the building and its occupants safe.












Meet Tammy Lin Hooper – Director of First Impressions













Tammy joined Wendel in July of 2010 and is an vital part of the team. As the Director of First Impressions, she is often the first person a guest, client, or staff encounters in their interaction with Wendel. We chatted with Tammy to learn a bit more about her experience at Wendel and what a day in her busy life looks like.

Wendel: What does a day in your life look like?
Tammy: Every day can be different, but one thing that is the same is that my days and interactions with people are always pleasant and something I look forward to.


Wendel: What do you like most about working here?
Tammy: What I like most about working at Wendel is being able to contribute to someone’s day with a smile and a positive attitude. It’s a nice feeling to see someone smile, and I’m grateful to have that opportunity. My connection with coworkers, clients and vendors is awesome! I love to have that personal interaction and a laugh or two. To think, I have been with Wendel for more than 10 years. The people I work with and the company I work for are amazing. They make me feel appreciated for the work I do.


Wendel: When you’re not making people at work smile, what types of things will we find you doing in your free time?
Tammy: I was born in Rhode Island and moved to New York when I was 7. I grew up in Alden and now reside in Depew with my 2 cats, Charlie and Coby and my adorable 4-year-old Havanese, Bentley. My daughter, Katelin is 24 and recently moved out on her own. It was a bit tough for me, but she’s about a minute and a half from me, so that makes it a whole lot easier!

You might consider me a DIY-type person. I have so many projects around the house that I’ve tackled. I am very pleased that I’ve accomplished whatever it is I set my mind to. I just finished redoing my kitchen and it may have taken me months to do, but it’s done, and I love it! I also really enjoy crafting and especially woodwork. I made 2 raised garden boxes last year and had a small vegetable garden. I am looking forward to planting again this spring.

My other hobbies are cooking, baking (desserts are my favorite,) and shopping estate sales. Of course, I always love spending time with family and friends.


Wendel: Tammy, we could not do it without you! Thank you for all your work and dedication for more than a decade!






















Meet Erica Grohol – Landscape Designer











Erica joined the Wendel Landscape Architecture group in December 2020. She brings six years of prior experience in landscape design and visual communications with a focus on enhancing ecological health and the human experience where land and water interface. Since moving to Buffalo in 2015, she has worked in the non-profit sector helping to identify, fund, design, and implement shoreline restoration pilot projects throughout the region.

Erica believes in holistically approaching projects with a multi-disciplinary team and community driven vision, translating complex problems into practical, beautiful, and enduring solutions. She looks forward to designing across a range of scales and contexts at Wendel, maximizing the potential of a client’s vision to achieve their goals and positively impact the surrounding environment.

  • Erica was born and raised in Westfield, N.Y. where her family built a homestead and grape house in the mid- 1800’s.
  • She has a BLA in Landscape Architecture from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a background in Environmental Studies & Visual Communications from Oberlin College.
  • She moved back to the WNY region in 2015 and settled into the Historic West Village of downtown Buffalo with her boyfriend who is also a landscape designer.
  • She enjoys spending time in Chautauqua and helping her parents with the farmhouse. One of her goals is to restore surrounding wetland and woodland areas to study techniques and share knowledge with the local community.
  • Both Erica and her boyfriend are avid 4-season adventurers who enjoy hiking, skiing, and paddling. Most of their time is spent exploring local landscapes but have done some bucket-list hikes through the Swiss and Italian Alps while studying abroad.
  • Erica is an ACA certified kayak instructor and enjoys the unique experience of designing and studying shoreline environments from the water. Even more exciting is sharing a new perspective with clients, students, family, and friends.


Project Highlight

Wendel provided hydrologic modeling and engineering services to Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper for the Spicer Creek Restoration Project at River Oaks Golf course. In her previous position as a Landscape Designer at Waterkeeper, Erica was involved in seeing this grant-funded project through from conceptual design to completion.

Restoration measures included 2,500 linear feet of shoreline regrading, planting upland and in-water vegetation, bioengineered erosion control features, existing material reuse, and invasive plant species removal. Notably, re-connection of the creek to its floodplain increased flood capacity and helps capture excess sediment, nutrients, and pollutants contributed by the 30-acre drainage basin.

Erica believes sustainability can be thoughtfully integrated even on traditionally managed landscapes and hopes the success of this project will be leveraged to conduct similar work throughout the region.

Click to learn more about the Spicer Creek Restoration















Meet Madeline Kromer – Mechanical Engineer










Madeline has been part of the Wendel team for almost 2 years. She graduated from SUNY Buffalo State College in May 2019 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Prior to graduation, her senior capstone project took place working with a mechanical engineer at Wendel. Having that opportunity led her to the position she enjoys at Wendel today. Madeline has worked on variety of projects, including air handling and distribution, exhaust/make-up air systems, steam/high-temperature water and boiler burner replacements. She is an alumni and member of BEAM (Buffalo Engineering Awareness for Minorities,) where she hopes to become even more involved. Madeline has a passion for encouraging students in the Buffalo area to pursue a career in engineering and STEM fields.

  • Born in Buffalo NY, grew up in Angola, NY.
  • Played college hockey at SUNY Buffalo State where she served as an assistant captain for 2 out of 4 seasons.
  • Madeline loves the summer months in Western New York most, especially down at the lake in Angola, enjoying time on her jet ski.
  • She enjoys everything outdoors from skiing, golfing, hiking and kayaking.
  • One goal on her bucket list is to travel to all the national parks.


Project Highlight

CTtransit – Stamford Bus Facility

CTtransit is adding two battery electric buses (BEB) to their fleet as the first phase of implementing a larger BEB fleet conversion. Wendel is currently evaluating additional BEB deployments of 20%, 30%, 50% and 100% of their bus fleet. The first phase of the project includes upgrades to Fire Protection, Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Systems to accommodate indoor bus charging. Additionally, this project includes the replacement of all HVAC systems throughout two buildings. A new building management system will monitor and control all new make-up air units, rooftop units, destratification fans, exhaust fans, VAV terminal boxes, unit heaters, boilers and hydronic heating pumps.

This multi-discipline project required internal coordination and teamwork between architects, mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineering groups. Providing a code compliant design took essential knowledge of the building code, fire code, mechanical code and energy code. Further collaboration with CTtransit, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT), state and local code officials and Fire Marshalls was critical in making this design a success.

For more information on the work we are doing at this facility, Click here!













Meet Jose Gonzalez – Project Manager and Associate Principal











Jose is an associate principal and project manager. He has been with Wendel since 2009 when he started as an intern in the Long Island office. During the past 12 years, he has been part of numerous energy projects in the New York Metro Area and one in Puerto Rico. His projects include a wide range of clients including K-12, universities, public transportation bus depots, hospitals, towns and port authorities. The wide range of projects for many different sectors is what motivates Jose every single day, because every day brings its own set of challenges and solutions. Jose’s approach for success projects is by working closely with all parties involved and creating win-win solutions for all.

  • Born in El Salvador, Jose moved to East L.A. (Boyle Heights) when he was 8, and now lives in Long Island, NY since 1996.
  • Married to his soulmate Kristin whom he met at a restaurant they worked at 19 years ago
  • They have three children – twins Hailey and Aiden who are four and baby Ava who is three months. He loves watching them grow and turning them into as his wife says, “nerds.” He loves talking to them about plants, animals and space.
  • Jose’s first love is basketball and he still plays when he can. According to him, he can still “make it rain” (paraphrasing from – Along Came Polly.)
  • He loves to eat and take pictures of his food so he can look back and remember what he ate after his food coma.
  • Jose is known to be an aficionado of the dance floor and will show up anywhere, at any time.
  • He loves to travel and meet new people.


Project Highlight

Town of Islip Street and Traffic Lighting 

Wendel takes pride in being able to have a positive impact in our local communities by implementing energy efficient projects. In 2012, Wendel audited, designed and implemented a town-wide street lighting and traffic lighting project for the Town of Islip, located in Long Island NY. The objective was to replace approximately 18,000 street lights with high-efficiency lighting, reducing wattages to a fraction of the existing mercury vapor, metal halide cobra heads and pole lights. It also included replacement of all the traffic lights/signals and pedestrian signals that used incandescent halogen bulbs with new LED technology. The projects also included energy efficiency measures in the town buildings, such as upgrades to the building management systems, burner replacements, and interior lighting upgrades.

Almost 10 years later, I drive through these local communities daily and see that most of the fixtures installed are still in place. If my kids are in the car, I tell them, “See that light up there? Dad helped put it up.”










Meet Jacob Mullen – Structural Engineering










Jacob is a structural engineer who has been with Wendel for 6 years. Jacob has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of structures, from multi-story, steel-frame high rises to residential wood buildings, and everything in between. After three years at Wendel’s Williamsville headquarters, Jacob relocated to Albany and is now part of our team there.

  • He was born and raised in Glens Falls, NY and is a proud native of the southern Adirondacks
  • Jacob received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University at Buffalo
  • He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of New York
  • He’s married to his best friend, Rachel
  • He enjoys hiking, snowboarding and spending the summer in Lake George
  • Personal long-term goals include learning a second language and martial arts

Project Highlight

Orleans County Administration Building

This project was an overwhelming success for everyone involved. The county was able to consolidate several physically dispersed departments into a single facility that was better equipped to support its growing needs, allowing for smoother operational efficiency between departments. Ample space, modern accommodations and the overall flow and layout of the site make for greatly increased working conditions. Each department was able to provide input early in the pre-design phase through Wendel’s Immersion process, ensuring that they each got what they needed out of their new work spaces.

Environmentally, the decision to limit the total development of the project to under one acre minimized the facility’s overall footprint, and helped to avoid potential impacts to the area’s stormwater management system in the future.









Meet Heather Lewis – Geographical Information Systems (GIS)










Heather is a project manager, GIS Analyst and she has been part of the Wendel team for 13 years. She has a passion for bringing data that natively exists in several different locations and formats into one user-friendly, interactive environment. Heather helps both municipal and private sector clients begin their GIS from infancy to reporting, and assists with navigating day-to-day tasks to that can be done quickly and efficiently through a GIS. When it is easier for people to get a handle on the relationship between disparate pieces of information and make informed decisions, their lives (and their jobs) become easier. That is exactly what GIS does. Used properly, it strengthens the understanding of everyone that a project touches, from the workers in the field to the public.

  • Heather has a BA in Physical Geography with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems from SUNY Buffalo State College.
  • She enjoys doing any type of repair and upgrade project, whether it’s changing brakes on a car, installing windows or roofing, she prides herself on being a woman who can do just about anything!
  • She is originally from Lockport, NY, and currently lives in Middleport, NY with her boyfriend and their two very cool Devon Rex cats, Collin and Wilbur.
  • Her favorite activities include traveling, camping and going on adventurous outdoor trips with her boyfriend and friends, which typically include UTV trips in the New England area.

Project Highlight

Town of Hartland’s GIS Implementation and Support Services

Wendel implemented a comprehensive GIS for the Town of Hartland’s Water and Highway Department to manage all of their infrastructure. The Town is now building a complete GIS inventory of their infrastructure that have record drawings and photos attached to their assets for easy viewing and reporting. All of their data is being GPS located in the field by their staff which includes, hydrants, curb stop valves, road signs, ditches and the asset list goes on. Whether crew are in the office on their desktop computer or in the field on their mobile devices, everyone at the Town can stay updated with live information as it is being maintained and updated in the GIS. The Town is currently working with Wendel to create a cemetery management GIS application.

Check out Hartland’s Public GIS Web App: click here.
























Meet K. Grace Viger – Mechanical Engineering










Grace is a mechanical engineer with a passion for public transit. During her 5 years with Wendel, she has taken on the position of Equipment Specialist, working on bus maintenance facilities throughout the US on renovations, upgrades and new builds. She enjoys collaborating with facility staff to create solutions, from bus washes, bus lifts, compressed air systems, gasoline and diesel systems, fluid lubrication distribution systems to general tools and equipment throughout their maintenance bays. Grace’s goal is to work from ideas to installation alongside the end users and equipment vendors to provide the best options for their facility. She also specializes in plumbing and fire protection system design and engineering, performing system layouts, calculations and product selections.

  • Grace recently moved back to the quaint Village of East Aurora, NY, where she grew up.
  • Grace enjoys many outdoor activities; backwoods camping, canoeing and fishing to name a few.
  • Working on bus maintenance garage design is right up her ally, as she loves working on her own vehicles at home. She is also in the process of fully renovating her house!
  • Grace and her husband were married on 2/29/2020- Leap Year Day! We’ll look forward to celebrating their “first” anniversary in 4 years.

Project Highlight

Augusta Transit Maintenance Facility

Wendel   provided   architecture   and   engineering  services  for  the  design  and  construction  of  a  new  operations  and  maintenance  facility  that  houses forty buses with room for future expansion. Wendel also provided site selection and master planning services as part of the design work. The City of Augusta utilized a Construction Management (CM) delivery method for the bidding and construction of the new facility. Wendel provided construction administration services to verify that the construction followed all required Federal Transit Authority (FTA) regulations, plans and contract documents. Construction was completed in the summer of 2019.








Meet Jeana Stright – Architecture











Jeana is an architect and has been with Wendel for 9 years, working mostly on transit projects. She enjoys creating positive images for bus transportation through architecture. Her projects respond to the client’s functional needs as well as incorporating sustainable design principles to create dynamic employee spaces while enhancing the communities that they are in. Maintenance facilities especially have reputations for being dark and dingy places. We are seeking to change those perceptions and show how modern maintenance facilities can be great places to work while still staying on budget. Jeana’s experience ranges from conceptual design through construction and loves working with clients to make sure each project responds to their needs.

  • Jeana has a B.Arch from Virginia Tech and enjoys going back to visit the school.
  • She loves baking and experimenting in the kitchen. Her coworkers in Alexandria aren’t always so happy with the baked goods showing up in the office.
  • Enjoys being in the DC area, especially the access to public transportation. Even as a child, she would ride the bus to the library with her grandparents or ride metro into the “big city”.
  • Jeana also enjoys traveling for work and for fun, this is good since her projects take her all over the country.
  • When not working, traveling, or baking in the kitchen, Jeana enjoys spending time with family and being outside.

Project Highlight

Waterbury Bus Maintenance Facility

Wendel provided complete design for a new 280,000 sf bus maintenance and storage facility. The new facility is located on a large open site that provides excellent opportunities for an efficient arrangement of building, parking, and site circulation. The facility includes interior bus servicing, storage and maintenance for 50 full size buses, 50 paratransit vehicles and covered employee parking.

For more information about the project, click here.














Meet Bradley Moery, EIT, CDT – Water /Wastewater Engineering










Brad serves as a Water/Wastewater Engineer in the Williamsville office and has been with Wendel for almost a year. He has  already worked on a variety of projects for both small and large clients. Prior to working for Wendel, Brad worked in Oklahoma as a project engineer for one of the largest contractors in the water/wastewater industry. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

  • Brad grew up in the Oklahoma City area but has now been in Western New York for about 2 years.
  • He met his wife at a Tough Mudder event, and moved with her to New York about 3 weeks after their wedding.
  • Most of his spare time is spent in the outdoors and hanging out with his 135 pound Newfoundland, Gus.
  • Brad loves to travel and has been to every state, except for Delaware and Alaska.

Project Highlight

Medina WWTP Phase 1 Improvements

The Village of Medina (NY) was forced to declare a public health emergency following the failure of 4 of their 6 Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs); their main secondary system biological treatment process. Medina is a small village along the Erie Canal in Orleans County, and their combined sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is designed to handle an average flow of 4.5 MGD. Much of the equipment in the Village of Medina WWTP is at the end of its useful life and is either failing due to age or experiencing increased maintenance requirements. The Village received financial assistance from the NYSEFC and was able to bundle various  recommended plant upgrades with the required upgrades. Wendel was able to expeditiously put together design plans and prioritize the improvements, grouping them into three phases. Constant communication with NYSEFC throughout the design and construction process was paramount to keeping the project moving and funding flowing to the Village. The Phase 1 construction was completed in January, and the Village now once again has 6 functioning RBCs. The Wendel team is now in the design phase for the second phase of improvements to the Village of Medina WWTP. What started as an emergency project to replace an old faulty secondary treatment system has blossomed into site-wide improvements that will leave the plant in great condition for years to come.














Meet Elizabeth Colvin – Senior Project Manager











Elizabeth is a Project Manager working out of Wendel’s Williamsville and Buffalo offices, and has been with the firm for nearly 12 years. Liz has a very diverse project portfolio that spans the public transit, private development, healthcare, and transportation/civil client sectors, wherein she has managed a wide range of different projects. Some of her favorites include the transition of Wendel’s own headquarters to its current Williamsville location, the Greater Binghamton Transportation Center, Additions and Renovations at Degraff Memorial Hospital, and Harter Secrest and Emery LLP’s Buffalo headquarters. Most recently, she’s excited to be a part of M&T’s Tech Hub at Seneca One. Liz enjoys the challenge of balancing such a wide portfolio and building relationships by working closely with her teams as well as project stakeholders, for whom she becomes a trusted advisor.

  • Liz was born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York  #livenf
  • Alumnus of SUNY Brockport
  • Chairwoman of Women’s Leadership Initiative of WNY Urban Land Institute #wnywli
  • Loves good food, and great company
  • When not at work, she can be found spending time with her 6 year old daughter Nina coaching the St. Peter’s RC School cheerleaders.

Project Highlight

Praxair Innovation Center

The objective of this project was to create an incubation space for this industrial client that would provide a variety of flexible meeting spaces that encourage collaboration to problem solve, review and grow ideas. This was done by converting an industrial laboratory space at Praxair’s Technology Center in Tonawanda, NY into an exciting, flexible and inspiring space showcasing state-of-the-art technology, appealing to users and facilitating collaborative teamwork. The 9,000sf Innovation Center celebrates the building’s heritage with exposed structure and utilities, juxtaposed with modern elements introduced through the use of color and texture. To meet the client’s vision for this space, blue and red are primary colors utilized in several elements. Blue to create focused areas of serenity and peace, promoting a relaxed, soothing atmosphere; Red to stimulate and excite, creating zones of movement and energy. Wall and carpet materials strategically locate color nodes, with segments of color reaching out to draw people into these flexible collaboration zones. Flexibility is a key priority, achieved with movable furniture, planters and white boards. Furniture selections provide variety for different meeting sizes, privacy requirements, formality and technological needs.  The space can rapidly be configured for large town-hall style presentations with full AV capabilities. Programmable, color changing LED lights are incorporated to allow ambiance flexibility in the space.









Meet Ken Prol, AIA, NCARB – Senior Architect










Ken serves as the Regional Office Leader for the Alexandria, VA office and has been with Wendel for over 10 years. His focus as a Senior Project Architect is in the public transit sector where he has worked on projects from Massachusetts to Florida, varying in size and complexity. He has an Associate Degree from Alfred State and a Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech.

  • Ken grew up in Northern New Jersey and Central New York and has now been in the D.C. area for over 12 years.
  • He served in the Army National Guard for 8 years and was deployed to Tikrit, Iraq from 2004-2005.
  • He is recently engaged and his fiancé is also an architect. Together, they have a Miniature Schnauzer who loves hiking with them.
  • He spends some of his spare time volunteering as a run leader for a local chapter of Team RWB – a veteran’s group.

Project Highlight

East Pasco Fleet/Transit Facility 

Pasco County Public Transportation (PCPT) was struggling with an undersized operations and maintenance facility that failed to accommodate the current capacity of county staff and assets. The county received $3.5 million in funding from the Federal Transit Administration in order to construct a new Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility for PCPT, to be developed on a new 25-acre site. The Wendel design team was brought in to design the new facility, and in early March of 2017 began coordination and consultation with Pasco County representatives toward the creation of a master plan for the undeveloped site. The new facility was designed to include six (6) service bays, with the capacity to accommodate up to ten (10) additional bays as demand for service increases. Multiple progress meetings were held to inform key stakeholders and county representatives of the plan’s development throughout the following months. While the master plan is based on the future establishment of a shared-use facility between PCPT, Pasco Utilities and the Department of Public Works, Wendel designed the plan in such a way that each facility could stand alone if necessary. The Wendel design team utilized the site’s existing pond, situating the facility nearby and using it as a stormwater management feature, while retaining and enhancing as much of the greenery on site as possible. Designs included HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire safety. Equipment process systems were also detailed in the design process.








Meet Sheila Ransbottom, P.E. – Civil Engineer










Sheila has more than 24 years of experience in the Civil/Transportation/Environmental fields in Western New York. She has worked on projects with numerous local villages, towns and cities, as well as state agencies such as Thruway Authority and Department of Transportation. Her areas of expertise include project management, transportation engineering and planning, public participation, traffic analysis, utility coordination and environmental assessments/coordination.

  • Sheila started her professional career at Wendel – after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, she spent 4 years here in the Transportation Group.
  • She and her husband Mike met in their Differential Equations class at the University of Pittsburgh. They have two kids – Mark, 20, studying Bioengineering at Syracuse University, and Rachel, 17, a senior in high school.
  • Favorite vacation spots include Disney World, Outer Banks, Jamaica and Cozumel.
  • Grew up in Allegany, NY (Cattaraugus County) and now lives in Lancaster.


Project Highlight

Village of Lancaster West Main Street Road Extension Project

Wendel was hired by the Village of Lancaster to provide planning, engineering and construction services on this Empire State Development funded project. This project will help improve connectivity and enhance the economic viability of the Central Business District (CBD).

The current West Main Street will be extended through an existing vacant parking lot restoring an historic connection between Central Avenue and Aurora Street. Engineering and design will address a drastic street grade change and relocation of utilities to result in a more walkable and ADA-compliant thoroughfare. Re-establishing the historic street grid will enable new economic development opportunities for infill and mixed-use buildings that will recreate the urban fabric of the CBD. Additionally, the area will become more bikeable and walkable, provide for better traffic flow. New lighting, streetscape enhancements, and wayfinding signage will enhance the vibrancy of this area, creating a destination for residents and visitors.








Meet Robert Krzyzanowski – Director of Emergency Services











As the Director of Emergency Services for Wendel, home of the award winning Five Bugles Design, Robert oversees all emergency services construction projects from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting. He has over 20 years of experience working on public projects, has been involved in more than 25 fire station projects in the past three years and over 70 during his career. Robert has an Associate’s Degree in Drafting and Design Technology from Minnesota State College Southeast and has taken a lead role in expanding Wendel’s Master Builder Approach to the Midwest.

  • Robert was born in Thorp, WI and still lives there to this day.
  • He is married to his wonderful wife Michelle and has three children: Kayla (22), Madisyn (19) and Mason (7).
  • His life has been a blur of days in the gymnasium watching his kids play various sports or on baseball and softball fields. As well as donating quite a bit of time raising funds to support local athletes on the Thorp Athletic Booster Club.
  • Between the Brewers, Packers and Wisconsin Badger games, Robert spends his free time on the lake ice fishing in the winter, boating in the summer and just relaxing there when possible. He also spends the months of October and November in the woods bow hunting whenever he can.


Project Highlight

The City of Chippewa Falls Central Fire Station

The City of Chippewa Falls selected Five Bugles Design to provide a comprehensive G.I.S. Site Selection Study as well as Architectural Design Services for the City’s new Central Fire Station. Located on the City’s east side, its location with immediate access to two highways provided the opportunity to adequately serve the growth on the South side of Chippewa, but also reach the industrial park on the City’s North side.

A large bronze bell is proudly displayed at the front of the station. This bell was forged in 1882 and was used by citizens and firefighters when smoke or fire was detected as an alarm system. The departments crest was also cast into stone medallions and installed into the station’s exterior. Finally, a bronze sculpture is showcased in the lobby which symbolizes the front line of action. The structure features 6 drive-through apparatus bays, a training center, kitchen, dining room, exercise room and more.



















Meet Michael C. Galley, PMP, Associate Principal – Senior Construction/Project Manager










Michael has more than 25 years of experience in the Architecture and Construction Management fields. His area of expertise is in Construction/Project Management. Michael has an A.A.S. in Architecture from Erie Community College and is a certified PMP.

  • Mike was born in Buffalo, NY
  • He is married to his wife Shannon and has four children: Chelsea (23- who is in architecture as well), Colin (12), Aidan (11), and Evan (7).
  • When he is not working, Mike and his whole family train in Tae Kwon Do. They also spend as much time as possible traveling in their travel trailer visiting different places, going kayaking, biking and hiking.

Project Highlight

Dash’s Markets

Wendel was commissioned to build a new flagship store for the local Dash’s Markets. The project consisted of demolition of multiple buildings, working on a zero lot line site and building next to the operating store just 17 feet away. The result is a one-of-a-kind two story supermarket in a city setting. The first floor houses the market, a market side café, prepared foods area, pasta and sushi bar. The second floor contains a public eating area with two fireplaces, a library and an outdoor balcony to enjoy on sunny days. In addition, it has two community rooms for private parties or yoga classes. The result is a one of a kind building that will continue the Dash family’s legacy here in Buffalo, NY for generations to come.









Meet Sandra Arismendi, Associated AIA, MA, LEED AP BD+C










Sandra has more than 25 years of experience in Architecture. Her areas of expertise include programming, conceptual design through production, and project execution. As a lead designer, she sets, directs and monitors the quality of the architectural aesthetic. Sandra has a Professional Architect’s degree with a master’s in urban developments and a Ph.D. Research Proficiency from the University Politecnic of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

As Project Architect, she understands and manages the multiple variables present in the design process, including developing solutions and finding strategies to solve project issues. She is responsible for overseeing the coordination of the consultant on each team. She assists in developing the skills of the firm’s professional staff throughout the design process. Her design expertise and LEED BD+C accreditation provide the firm with critical elements for successful sustainable, contextual, and aesthetically appropriate projects.

  • Born in Colombia, has been in the US since 2000
  • Married to a wonderful man named Juan with 2 girls, Paloma: 19-years old and Isabella: 10-years old
  • Passionate about family, design and traveling the world.
  • Her spare time is dedicated to design residential projects and interiors


Project Highlight

I-95 Chatham County Welcome Center

Located on southbound I-95 in Chatham County, Georgia, this project consists of the demolition of the existing center, and construction of a new Welcome Center and parking.  The facility remained operational during construction by installation of temporary trailers.

The Welcome Center was designed with accessibility for all visitors in mind, including landscaping and hardscaping, picnic shelters, and landscape. The main interior spaces contain an exhibit area, large banks of toilet rooms, administrative areas and a vending area. The architectural aesthetic of the Center is reflective of the coastal region represented in this region. Durability, ease of maintenance and energy water conservation were incorporated into the final design.








Meet John O. Revette, PE, BCEE – Sr. Wastewater Engineer










John Revette, PE, has more than 15 years of experience in water and wastewater engineering. His areas of expertise include planning, evaluation, design, and construction administration of municipal water and wastewater projects with a specific focus on enhanced nutrient removal for wastewater facilities.   John has a B.S. from Clarkson University and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and is a registered professional engineer in Virginia. He is also an active member of the Water Environment Federation.

  • Born in Central NY, John is the middle child of 5 kids (two brothers two sisters)
  • He now has 4 kids of his own (two boys, 2 girls, ages 7, 5, 3, 1)
  • He spent about 9 years in the Washington DC metro area before moving back to CNY 6 years ago.
  • When he’s not working, he can be found making repairs to his “fixer upper house” he recently moved into.


Project Highlight

Village of Endicott WPCP Digester & Sludge











Wendel was retained to evaluate opportunities to increase revenues associated with septage hauling and also maximize the production and use of their biogas from their anaerobic digestion system.  Through a preliminary design evaluation it was determined that the best course of action was to abandon their existing in vessel composting system and replace with a biosolids drying system.  The drying system will utilize excess biogas to reduce reliance on natural gas and to maximize the use of their biogas.   The plant will optimize the use of its existing infrastructure, rehabilitate existing digesters to maximize biogas, increase revenue and continue to produce a class biosolid for beneficial reuse through drying.

The project included the following design components:

  • Digester Mixing System Replacement
  • Biogas Storage System
  • Digester Cover Replacement
  • Biosolids Drying System (utilizing excess Biogas)
  • Septage Receiving Station
  • Plant Water System
  • Electrical Distribution System Modifications



Meet Alan Giantomaso – Principal – Energy Services

Alan is a Senior Vice President at Wendel responsible for developing and overseeing projects in Long Island and Connecticut Offices. He is on the Board of Directors, is Chairman of the Audit Committee and is an officer of the company as Treasurer. He has been with Wendel for 13 years and has over 40 years of experience, twenty-six of which are specifically in the Energy Efficiency field. Mr. Giantomaso has a diverse background that includes a heavy emphasis on Operational Management and Business Development.

• Born in Astoria, Queens, NY and moved to Long Island with his family at age 8.
• Married to a wonderful woman named Joanne.
• Has an 18 year old daughter named Jaclyn and a 16 year old son named Nicholas.
• Favorite vacation was a two week tour of Italy with his wife.
• Was a drummer in a rock band in college and was offered a job as a studio musician (which he turned down because he didn’t want to violate his loyalty to his bandmates!)


Project Highlight

Yale University – Energy Services Project







Wendel was selected by the University to evaluate 21 buildings for energy conservation improvements and developed a multi-year project that would achieve Yale’s energy savings goals within a predetermined budget. Wendel’s team explored a wide range of facilities including dormitories, gymnasiums, libraries, laboratories, collections spaces, offices, classrooms and lecture halls. These investigations included all energy consuming systems, such as HVAC systems, lighting, domestic water, process equipment, and plug loads.

The Comprehensive Energy Audits include over 600 energy conservation measures (ECMs) within the following categories:

• Lighting and Occupancy Sensor Upgrades
• Building Envelope Improvements
• HVAC Controls
• HVAC Equipment
• Laboratory Ventilation
• Heat Recovery
• Steam Trap Improvements and Insulation
• Motor Replacements
• Water Conservation

Meet Christian Creswell – Senior Associate Principal and Interior Designer

Christian provides our clients with sound design ideas coupled with a creative approach.  She works to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and is committed to providing the best design solutions.  As a Partner in the Firm, Christian has served as Project Director for many of the Firm’s largest corporate projects.  Due to Christian’s “even keeled” approach, hard work, and dedication, her projects are always successful. Our clients always tell us how much they enjoy working with her.

  • Grew up in Richmond, VA
  • Has twin 4 year old sons.
  • Loves traveling and is always looking for the next destination.
  • Favorite food is pizza and favorite city is New York.

Project Highlight

Essex Bank









This project involved converting an outdated traditional style suburban office building into a dynamic contemporary branch bank.  Design elements incorporated the sleek “branch bank of the future” concept, where secure teller lines have given way to more of a floating personalized concierge style desk with casual customer seating.  The design team used an exposed ceiling with special lighting, clean design lines, and bright finishes to impart an open fresh feel to the space.  The oversized ceiling fan and large pendant lights add a fun and casual appeal.

The use of the color red as an accent was taken from the Bank’s logo to reinforce their Brand identity.  The new tall glass entry serves as a lantern to signify access for customers approaching and allows a lot of a natural light into the bank interior.