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Education is so much more than a building where learning happens. Flexibility and fluidity are the new cornerstones of education facility design. 

“School” is no longer just a building where children learn the fundamentals—it is a total environment where we grow, explore and push the boundaries of what is possible. Today’s generation of students is more technology savvy, globally aware and busier than ever before. Institutions are striving to keep up by integrating new programs, consolidating and using space efficiently, and staying nimble to satisfy future trends.

We immerse ourselves in your day-to-day operations to make sure we understand your challenges and desired results. We work with you to look for innovative and sustainable ideas to enhance the learning environment, while decreasing energy costs and operational expenses. We design spaces that foster learning and hands-on interaction. But most importantly, we listen.

How will Universities meet the requirements of Local Law 97?

The time to plan is now.
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Daylighting in Educational Settings
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