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Listen carefully, it's the smartest thing you can do.

Our energy performance contracts provide turnkey solutions that generate savings

Providing innovative ideas to clients looking to stabilize their current and future operating expenses.

Wendel is dedicated to providing energy solutions to our clients looking to stabilize their current and future operating expenses. Our unique open book approach to energy services benefits municipalities, colleges and universities, PreK-12 schools, healthcare, transportation, public authorities and utilities.

As a vendor-independent company, our Energy Services team uses their engineering and construction expertise to solve our clients’ energy problems through the implementation of cost-effective capital improvement projects.

Wendel Energy Services is recognized by the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) as an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO) and is a U.S. Department of Energy qualified ESCO.


Are you interested in learning about LED Street lighting? Click below for 5 Ways to Implement LED Street lighting.


Energy Efficiency News

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Wendel is pleased to announce it is expanding its presence in Connecticut. Wendel secured a new office space that will house staff and support business activities across the state. Operation began in the new office space, located between Hartford and New Haven at 500 Broad Street, Suite 203, Meriden, CT 06450, as of June of …Read More


LED Street Lighting: We Need Some Space

LED luminaires for street lighting have the benefit of precision, allowing them to be programmed to minimize light pollution, increase visibility, and maximize efficiency by directing light to the exact desired area. Proper technique in the design of street lighting is crucial for a safe and efficient nighttime visual environment in any setting. The quality …Read More

LED Street Lighting: Benefits Of An Extended Life

Within the last decade, LED technology has significantly improved allowing production costs to be reduced while the efficiency and performance characteristics continue to increase exponentially. Due to these continually progressing improvements, LED technology has become the lighting option of choice for roadway and exterior area lighting. Another major advancement in LED technology is the extensive …Read More

LED Street Lighting: Why Blue May Not Be For You

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is the description of a light’s color in terms of its warmth or coolness. Represented by Kelvin, a CCT of below 3,000K will have a warm white appearance similar to that of an incandescent. As this value increases the light will become brighter and cooler. There is an ongoing discussion in …Read More


Establishing the Baseline

How utility bill data creates a reliable foundation for accurate energy savings. Energy efficiency projects are filled with data; facility operations, occupant behavior, equipment specifications, and utility billing data. Utility billing data forms the baseline for any energy efficiency project. The utility analysis serves as a reliable baseline throughout the project lifecycle. There are four …Read More

Meet The Wendel Energy Efficiency Team

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  • Tim Dietrich

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  • Alan J. Giantomaso

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City of Oswego Water Treatment Plant

Sedimentation and Filtration Improvements

  • Markets: Municipal Government, Water Wastewater Stormwater
  • Services: Engineering, Water Wastewater Retrofits, Construction Administration, Construction Observation, Water Engineering, Energy Efficiency

City of Oswego

Energy Performance Contract

  • Markets: Water Wastewater Stormwater, Municipal Government, Energy Efficiency
  • Services: Engineering, Construction, Energy Efficiency, Water Wastewater Retrofits, Sustainability

City of Poughkeepsie

Energy Performance Contract

  • Markets: Energy Efficiency, Municipal Government
  • Services: Energy Efficiency, Engineering, Construction, Sustainability

Rochester City School District

Energy Performance Contract

  • Markets: Energy Efficiency, Education
  • Services: Energy Efficiency, Engineering, Sustainability, Master Builder

Doddridge County Schools

Energy Performance Contract

  • Markets: Energy Efficiency, Municipal Government, Education
  • Services: Construction, Energy Efficiency, Engineering, Sustainability, Master Builder

SUNY Upstate Medical University

Turnkey Energy Efficiency Improvements

  • Markets: Healthcare, Energy Efficiency
  • Services: Energy Efficiency, Engineering, Construction, Sustainability

St. Lawrence County

Energy Performance Contract

  • Markets: Energy Efficiency, Municipal Government
  • Services: Energy Efficiency, Engineering, Construction, Sustainability, Master Builder

To Date, Wendel Has Saved Our Clients:


These sustainable projects have also had a significant impact on our environment, resulting in energy savings equivalent to:


Metric tons of CO2 reduced


Vehicles removed from the road


Homes taken off the grid


Barrels of oil reduced


Trees planted