An Introduction to the NY Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act Draft Scoping Plan

04/27/2022 | Back to News

New York State’s Climate Action legislation, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, has gotten a lot of attention in recent months from NYS facility owners. The 22-member Council released a DRAFT Scoping Plan on December 31, 2021, that outlines several technical areas in which New Yorkers can contribute to reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions. Most facility and vehicle fleet operators are not aware of the legislation and not sure what feasible options exist to become compliant with the policy’s objectives.

State Agencies, Transit Agencies, and Colleges and Universities have become early adopters of Clean Energy alternatives, to reduce carbon emissions. Wendel has been assisting several facility owners with technical services to evaluate feasible options, design upgrades, and implement new technologies. This experience can be leveraged to assist you with your individual Climate Action Plan. Wendel has completed and is currently working on several Clean Energy Master Plans for a variety of facility and fleet owners. These studies often include a variety of technology evaluations, such as: building energy benchmarking, energy efficiency analysis, building electrification, heat pump and heat recovery chiller applications, electric demand management and resiliency, energy submetering, light, heavy duty and transit fleets, and renewable energy technologies.

In New York State, our CEMP projects are being funded by a 50% cost-shared grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Our multi-year term contract with NYSERDA allows our client to receive this 50% grant right at project initiation, without the need for cost reimbursement.

If you need technical assistance with your Climate Action Plan, or are wondering what technologies and options are feasible in your facilities, please contact Keith Krug, CEM at or call 877-293-6335. We can develop a custom Clean Energy Master Plan Study scope for you, to assist you with a roadmap to GHG reductions in compliance with CLCPA goals.