Our client Allianz, the world’s largest call center for travel insurance, wanted to create an environment that was transparent, collaborative, inviting, fun and high energy; they also wanted to reflect an international appeal and nurture spontaneous meetings.  They made a cultural decision shift to eliminate all offices from CEO down with everyone in an open office environment. All personal desking/work areas are sit/stand with seated privacy.  All work areas were identical in their set up to include personalized accessories.

Standardizing on a work area footprint allowed for ease of moving staff whenever required without reconfiguration.  We added telephone booths and additional conference rooms to allow for private meetings or calls to address the elimination of private offices.  Unique collaboration space was created for meetings of all types with state of the art technology, magnetic/white board wallcovering for idea sharing, acoustic elements and specialty lighting.

This floor’s renovation provides multiple types of meeting spaces to include lounges, private, open idea sharing, round table discussion, and social meeting spaces. We opened up ceilings, used texture and color to create energy in the space.  The use of feature walls created focal points in the space.

“Please accept my thanks to you and your team for the fine work with the redesign of our 5th floor space. Our goal was to create an AGILE LAB complete with collaboration spaces, the latest in technology along with a cutting edge design.

WENDEL exceeded our expectations in every area! Your team introduced us to Cloaking film for privacy in our conference rooms, Click-Share…a wireless solution for presentations and the very best in sound absorption ideas that resulted in a functional and beautiful workspace.

Our relationship dates back with over fifteen years of excellence and I look forward to the many projects we will complete in the future.”

My best personal regards,

Greg Waters                                                                  
Regional Director of Corporate Services, Americas