Altria’s “Think Tank” is located in Scott’s Addition – a former industrial/warehouse district which has recently been going through a change-of-use to incorporate a mix of modern lofts, funky coffeehouses, new restaurants, and trendy establishments – this mixed-use building was a former industrial paint-shop, auto garage and office, and a furniture-storage warehouse. The building visibly displayed the history of re-uses and renovations and we endeavored to retain that eclectic character in the design of the new work/lounge spaces. A mix of vintage furniture pieces were sourced and were combined with new furniture and custom-produced furniture to create an interesting an fun variety of styles. Bold bright colors, and a mix of eclectic textures, artwork, graphics, and a mix of vintage and custom-furniture create a variety of fun informal places to gather and dream.

An multi-size assortment of connected rooms afford a variety of options for different-sized groups to collaborate during informal break-out sessions. A large open kitchen/break room drifts into a large open training room/event space. The break room counters and casework were designed with a palate of locally-inspired industrial materials including concrete countertops, oriented strand board casework, chicken wire cabinet doors, pegboard storage walls, etc. The kitchen can be divided from the event space with folding ceiling-hung partitions during events. The former interior dropped-ceilings and mechanical ductwork over the training room were demolished and the original wood/metal roof structure was exposed. A large industrial-sized fan was installed at the high ceiling for air circulation. The exterior roofing above was re-insulated and re-roofed to improve energy-use and comfort. All new LED lighting was added to highlight architecture and artwork. Reclaimed wood and steel windows were salvaged and were re-used to clad large sliding doors which sub-divide the medium-size conference rooms from the large event space.

The new “Think Tank” was opened in 2016 with a giant party to celebrate!