Artpark Outdoor Amphitheater

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The task was with creating an enhanced outdoor performance art center for Artpark and Company. The challenge was to re-orient the stage, increase the stage square footage and re-create the “bowl” to expand attendance capacity as well as to upgrade related facilities and infrastructure. All improvements needed to be completed in one construction period between performance seasons.

Based on numerous meetings with the client, and a long list of stakeholders and the general public, a master plan was developed that included the various site and building improvements to accommodate an audience of 8,000 minimum, within the amphitheater area. The infrastructure was also studied and a plan to improve water, electrical, gas, sanitary & storm drainage was prepared. Based on the master plan, a design, bidding and construction phase followed that has resulted in a wildly successful “destination” venue. The user experience has improved significantly through improved access, circulation, sound, sight lines and overall safety, allowing for better programming and increased revenues.