Buffalo Sewer Authority

Term Agreement

Buffalo Sewer Authority Term Agreement included:

  • Treatment Plant Upgrades
  • Energy Efficiency
  • CSO Modifications
  • Interceptor Sewer
  • Green Infrastructure

Willert Green Streets
Green infrastructure design and construction phase services to control runoff from approximately 18 acres within the Willert neighborhood, primarily on Sycamore and William Streets; as well as green infrastructure and/or sewer separation for approximately 3 acres along Miami St. and Mackinaw St. between Louisiana St. and Hamburg St. within the Old First Ward neighborhood.

Cornelius Creek Intercepting and Overflow Chamber Optimization
Design of improvements to an existing combined sewer overflow (CSO) chamber and weir to optimize the amount of flow maintained within the sewer system. The project included structural rehabilitation of the existing chamber and weir and increasing the weir height by one foot.

CSO 059 Sewer Separation
Design of new storm sewer system to separate storm and sanitary flows tributary to CSO 059 on Scajaquada Creek.