Wendel Performs a Turnkey Energy Savings Performance Contract for the Town of Camp Verde, AZ

This turnkey project included the development of an Investment Grade Audit (IGA) that determined the baseline consumption and operational characteristics of the wastewater treatment facilities, community parks, the Town Hall complex, the Marshall’s office, Streets Yard, the Library, the swimming pool/skate park, the senior center, and the archeology center. Our team collaborated with the Town to select the project that would best meet their needs. We then implemented a lighting and solar photovoltaic project at these facilities. Our team identified Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to be implemented in an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) including lighting, HVAC, pumps/motors/fans, building envelope, aeration, dewatering, and disposal and photovoltaic array updates.

The Town of Camp Verde Owns and Operates a 0.65 mgd activated sludge wastewater treatment plant. As an ongoing effort to meet the demands of an expanding population while continuing to meet the necessary beneficial water re-use limits, the Town hired Wendel to perform an energy evaluation at their wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to limit the cost impacts to users. Wendel performed an evaluation of each of the WWTP unit processes to help identify treatment areas that could be enhanced to continue to meet the beneficial re-use requirements and potentially reduce energy consumption. Ultimately the Town selected several process improvements including upgrades to their influent pumping systems, clarifiers, and sludge digestions systems. Wendel was subsequently hired to design modifications to each of those systems.

Modifications to the influent pumping operation include design modifications designed to optimize pump operation to reduce energy costs. New pump VFDs in combination with new SCADA control system will provide operator flexibility in operation to help optimize the efficiency of the pump station.

The Town currently operates an AeroMod activated sludge system to meet low limits and beneficial re-use application requirements. Clarifier design modifications will be included to enhance plant performance including modifications to sludge settling, sludge wasting and scum removal systems. Digestion operation will be enhanced by improving operator flexibility in how sludge is wasted to increase percent solids wasted to the digesters. Each of these improvements are meant to reduce the impacts to increasing plant flow on plant performance and operation.