Chatham Area Transit

Intermodal Station

The Chatham Area Transit (CAT) Downtown Intermodal Transit Center is designed and built on the vision of a place that provides visitors, citizens and transit employees with a modern facility that reinforces and enhances the importance of transit for Savannah. The goal was not only to create an iconic transit center that changed perspectives about public transit, but also to incorporate multiple modes of transit, accommodating both CAT and Greyhound services. The chosen site for the project was an existing Greyhound station, and after input from the Historic Savannah Foundation and Metropolitan Planning Commission, the decision was made to design around the existing structure, transforming the deteriorating and unappealing structure into a welcome public space. The new center boasts two separate bus platforms, fourteen (14) sawtooth slips and waiting benches, electronic information kiosks and signage, all integrated into the platform through innovative engineering.