Cinder Bed Road

Bus Garage Design

2014 County of Fairfax Land Conservation Award – Winning Project in the Best Protected Environmentally Sensitive Site Category and Large Commercial Category

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has been struggling to relocate its functionally obsolete Royal Street Bus Garage for a number of years. Wendel submitted an unsolicited solution to this predicament, leveraging our extensive knowledge of bus garage design to propose a solution that allowed WMATA to outsource much of the development process. This fast-tracked the facility, saving up to seven years and significant expenses compared to traditional methods. The Cinder Bed Road garage, once completed, will offer modern bus maintenance, storage and administrative facilities that meet public transportation needs without infringing on the surrounding community. On site bridges enable employees and visitors to navigate between the building and parking areas, while a site entrance bridge allows for vehicle and pedestrian traffic from arrival to departure. The entire design also features a sensitive approach to preserving the Resource Protected Area (RPA) fronting on Cinder Bed Road.