City of Albany LED Streetlighting Study

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) and the City of Albany have selected Wendel for the design and implementation phases of a LED streetlight conversion project of 10,313 fixtures. Wendel ran financial models comparing the baseline “business-as-usual” HID fixtures to Option 1: Converting to LED’s under National Grids Company Owned/Company Maintained tariff (recently approved PSC case 15-E-0645) and Options 2&3: The City buys and maintains the streetlight and associated facilities from National Grid and converts to LEDs through a Design-Bid-Build or an Energy Performance Contract (under the soon to be finalized PSC case 15-E-0747).  The evaluation summarizes all costs associated with both options including energy costs, facility costs, estimated buy-back costs, engineering costs, project construction and implantation costs, fixture & facilities maintenance and replacement costs, project financing costs, and grants and incentives.  Maintenance costs for option B were based on a Subcontractor maintaining the light fixtures and facilities.

Annual Energy Use and Utility Costs Prior to Implementation

  • 8,963,014 kWh
  • $4,129,321

Estimated Annual Energy and Facility Savings (Utility Owned)

  • 3,525,820 kWh
  • $304,373

Estimated Annual Energy and Facility Savings (City Owned)

  • 5,005,208 kWh
  • $2,742,969

Project Status

Wendel has completed the draft study and is working with the City of Albany on developing a GIS audit.

Annual Environmental Savings from Electric Use Reduction (City Owned)

  • 2,492,193 lbs of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • 4,930 lbs of SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
  • 34 lbs of N2O (Nitrous Oxide)

Annual Equivalent Savings for Comparison (City Owned)

  • 221 Cars removed from road
  • 2,631 Barrels of oil saved
  • 98 Homes energy use
  • 29,297 Trees Planted