City of Albany LED Streetlighting Study

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) and the City of Albany have selected Wendel for the design and implementation phases of a LED streetlight conversion project of 10,830 fixtures. Wendel provided complete design services and installing the LED upgrades as the Implementation Contractor for NYPA. Wendel ran financial models comparing the baseline “business as usual” HID fixtures to Option 1: Converting to LED’s under National Grids Company Owned/Company Maintained tariff (recently approved PSC case 15-E-0645) and Options 2&3: The City buys and maintains the streetlight and associated facilities from National Grid and converts to LEDs through a Design-Bid-Build or an Energy Performance Contract (under the soon to be finalized PSC case 15-E-07 47). The evaluation summarizes all costs associated with both options including energy costs, facility costs, estimated buy-back costs, engineering costs, project construction and implementation costs, fixture & facilities maintenance and replacement costs, project financing costs, and grants and incentives. Maintenance costs for option B were based on a Subcontractor maintaining the light fixtures and facilities.

Annual Energy Use and Utility Costs Prior to Implementation

  • 8,963,014 kWh
  • $4,129,321

Estimated Annual Energy and Facility Savings (Utility Owned)

  • 3,525,820 kWh
  • $304,373

Estimated Annual Energy and Facility Savings (City Owned)

  • 5,005,208 kWh
  • $2,742,969

Annual Environmental Savings from Electric Use Reduction (City Owned)

  • 2,492,193 lbs of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • 4,930 lbs of SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
  • 34 lbs of N2O (Nitrous Oxide)

Annual Equivalent Savings for Comparison (City Owned)

  • 221 Cars removed from road
  • 2,631 Barrels of oil saved
  • 98 Homes energy use
  • 29,297 Trees Planted