City of Oswego Water Treatment Plant

Sedimentation and Filtration Improvements

The City of Oswego desired to increase the energy efficiency at their raw water pump station, finished water pump station, two booster pump stations, and their coagulation process while also upgrading their plant SCADA system. Wendel was retained as the City’s Energy Performance Contractor to provide energy evaluations, energy grant services, design, bidding and construction services.

The implemented improvements include:

  • Rebuilding two 450 Hp finished water vertical turbine pumps
  • Rebuilding one 350 Hp finished water vertical turbine pump
  • Providing new motors and variable speed drives at the finished  water and raw water pump stations (7 motors from 125 to 450 Hp)
  • An automated control system was also provided that modulates  pump speed to maximize energy efficiency
  • PLC based SCADA system with remote telemetry system
  • Upgrade of filter valve actuators
  • Upgrade of coagulant chemical feed system
  • Lighting system replacement


Wendel assisted the City to obtain approximately $270,000 in energy incentives through the following NYSERDA Programs:

Flexible Technical Assistance  $21,000

Commercial Industrial Performance Program  $144,000

NY Energy Smart Loan Fund  $105,000

Annual Energy Use and Costs

Prior to Implementation

5,800,000 kWh


Guaranteed Annual Savings

1,332 kW

1,306,646 kWh

$88,505, Operation & Maintenance: $61,800

Actual Annual Savings

1,463 kW

1,474,664 kWh

$95,892, Operation & Maintenance: $58,528

Annual Environmental Savings from Electric Use Reduction

1,062,938 lbs of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

4,426 lbs of SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)

1,227 lbs of N2O (Nitrous Oxide)

Annual Equivalent Savings for Comparison

Cars removed from road  140

Barrels of oil saved  1,689

Homes energy use  62