City of Poughkeepsie

Energy Performance Contract

Wendel was retained by the City of Poughkeepsie to implement a city-wide retrofit of street lighting and traffic signals with LED technology. The city had a street lighting inventory of approximately 3,383 light fixtures made up of mostly high-pressure sodium, metal halide and mercury vapor lighting fixtures. The city also maintains an inventory of traffic and pedestrian signals of approximately 94 intersections. The traffic signals are a combination of incandescent and LED lamps for red, yellow and green lights, as well as pedestrian signals. Traffic and pedestrian signals that are still incandescent have been converted to LED. Metered services at each intersection have also been provided. This project was completed in 2018 within budget.

Services performed through this project include: Street lighting studies, Performance Guarantee, Engineering/Design, Construction Management, and overall Project Management and Administration.

Guaranteed Annual Energy Savings

2,305,439 kWh

498 kW

388 mmBtu


Total Energy Cost


Total O&M Savings


Annual Environmental Savings from Electric Use Reduction

619,324 lbs of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

49 lbs of CH4 (Methane)

7 lbs of N20 (Nitrous Oxide)

Annual Equivalent Savings for Comparison 

60 Cars Removed from the Road

657 Barrels of Oil Saved

49 Houses Energy Use

4,706 Number of Trees Planted