SUNY Fredonia Cranston Hall Commissioning

SUCF retained Wendel to provide commissioning services for a four-story, 93,800-square-foot student housing and dining facility. The project consisted of commissioning various systems to satisfy the commissioning requirements of the New York State Executive Order No. 111, SUCF Program Directive 15H-9, and LEED (both Fundamental and Enhanced credits). Commissioning services were performed both during design and through construction.

There were several unique challenges throughout the project that were overcome which included a tight construction schedule, different HVAC equipment to satisfy the diversity of space usage and having to commission the various systems as they became available than the entire system as a whole to meet the schedule. Particular focus was making sure the Book Store of the building was commissioned and operational before the remainder of the facility so that it could be stocked and used before the remainder of the building was completed.

Design Commissioning:

Wendel’s service started during the design phase with design intent/basis of design review, construction document review, and commissioning and indoor air quality (IAQ) specification generation. Wendel used our extensive design experience to perform a detailed review of the overall system design and suggested areas of system improvements which included the addition of zone valves for future maintenance and the appropriate location of expansion tanks in the hydronic system.

Construction Commissioning:

Services during construction were performed including coordinating the commissioning and IAQ during construction processes, witnessing the startup of the relevant systems, witnessing testing and balancing services, functional system testing and acceptance, review of operation and maintenance manuals, review/observation of staff training, and the preparation of a commissioning report. Also, Wendel specified and oversaw the air quality testing on this project. The following equipment were commissioned:

Air Handling Units & Energy Recovery Units
Hot Water Heating and Chilled Pumping System
Valance Units
Chillers and Cooling Towers
Unitary Equipment
Lighting Controls
Direct Digital Control (DDC) Energy Management System