CTtransit/ CT DOT Battery Electric Bus Rate Negotiation Support

The Connecticut Department of Transportation entered into existing rate hearings being conducted by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) as an intervenor in an effort to develop with local utilities and various state agencies electric rates that are more conducive and economical for the implementation of battery electric buses (BEBs) in the State of Connecticut.

CT DOT engaged Wendel to develop financial models representing scenarios of the build out of the electric bus fleet of Connecticut Transits fleet. CT Transit has over 600 buses in their fleet with near term goals to reach 30% electrification and long term goals of 100% electrification. The models showed the impacts of current rates, including demand charges, and their impacts on the operations of CT Transit. The models also showed the impacts of various rate modifications. The models included financial as well as environmental impacts of the CT Transit BEB program with various utility rates.

Wendel was also asked to research electric rates and structures used by transit agencies and utilities across the country for battery electric buses. Additionally, Wendel was asked to provide technical support at meetings and testimony at PURA hearings and regulatory hearings.

This is an ongoing support project. PURA anticipates the hearings resulting in new rate cases for the two major electric utilities in the state of Connecticut, United Illuminating and Eversource.
PURA developed the hearings to determine how best to implement strategies in the state of Connecticut to promote the use of electric vehicles. The hearings included all types of electric vehicles from personal vehicles, fleet vehicles up to and including transit vehicles. Through the hearings we were able to provide the information necessary for PURA to determine that the unique operations of transit agencies require special consideration. PURA is separating the discussion of electric bus operations into separate hearings as a result.


Wendel started this support effort in July of 2019. Due to the rate hearing process Wendel continues to provide ongoing support as necessary.