Dunn Loring Town Center

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) project brings together residential, retail and structured parkin on a 15 acre site owned by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The project is located at the Dunn Loring Metro Rail Station and includes rail, bus, park-n-ride and kiss-n-ride connections to the mixed use development.

This TOD project is designed to encourage and facilitate use of public transportation by providing all necessary amenities within walking distance of the Dunn Loring Station. The development provides for 720 residential units supported by immediately adjacent retail development. A 2000 vehicle parking structure replaced the surface parking area. A portion of the retail development is located on the street level of the parking structure and oriented so that it faces the main access street fronting the development.

One of the operational focal points of the development is the intermodal component, which provides for 8 bus slips dedicated to local bus routes, thereby allowing transportation users to transfer from the Metrorail to the local bus service, as well as transfer/staging areas for taxi and shuttle service. Bicycle storage lockers are also provided. While the parking structure provides the Park and Ride function for public transportation users, additional provisions are made for safe and efficient kiss-n-ride dropoff and pick-up by car.