Eastern Niagara Hospital

Various Projects

In 2005, Eastern Niagara Hospital retained Wendel’s services to update its OB/GYN suite. The suite had seen little renovations since its original construction in the 1950’s, leaving it outdated and unattractive. Two full service labor/delivery/recovery/post-partum (LDRP) rooms and three additional patient beds were created to meet the hospital’s present needs, providing improved supervision of the suite, a more soothing aesthetic environment, and additional support services. In 2008, when the hospital won a new MRI machine from Siemens Medical’s “Win a MRI Contest,” Wendel’s services were once again retained to identify potential space within the hospital that could support the new machinery. Quick design services were provided, and Wendel worked with contractors to have the space ready for the delivery date as defined by the contest.