Erie County Department of Public Works

Environmental Compliance Services

Wendel was hired by the Erie County Department of Public Works to perform Environmental Assessments and prepare various permits and plans. The goal was to bring the County into compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations Title 40, regarding Protection of the Environment. Site investigations were performed for all sites within and owned by Erie County. The first round of investigations evaluated all environmental compliance issues, while the second determined discharge points for stormwater. Identifying the discharge points allowed for accurate permitting as well as the design and construction of oil-water separators if necessary. The development of Aboveground and underground organizational tools helped resolved the County’s Petroleum Bulk Storage issues, and training was provided in Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, ensuring that the County is prepared should there be a fuel spill. A Universal Waste Management Plan was also implemented to simplify waste disposal and recycling for the entire County.