Erie County Water Authority 36-Inch Diameter PCCP Transmission Main Replacements

Wendel worked with the ECWA for the design and construction of the replacement of two sections of existing 36-inch diameter PCCP transmission main along the highly congested Route I-290 corridor. This section of pipeline is part of the transmission main that connects the Van de Water Treatment Plant with the Ball Pumping Station. Improvements to the transmission main, and in particular the section included under these two projects, have been a focus of ECWA since a major break occurred in the summer of 2016.

The first of the two projects includes 2,800 lf of piping from Sheridan Drive to Millersport Highway (Contract W-27). The second project consists of 4,200 lf of piping from the Ball Pumping Station to the north side of Millersport Highway and 1,800 lf of piping from near Park Forest Drive to south of Sheridan Drive (W-30).

Wendel assembled a team of multi-disciplined members with a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise to cover all aspects of this replacement project.

Key project goals and objectives include:

  • Examination of alternate pipe materials to replace the existing PCCP and recommendation the pipe material to be used for the construction (DIP, PCCP or HDPE).
  • Review of alternative delivery methods such as pipe bursting or cure in place (CIPP) sliplining as a viable alternative to conventional digging and replacing.
  • Selection of the proposed location of the replacement watermain within the existing easement and rights-of-way while avoiding the congestion of utilities in the project areas.
  • Construction sequencing to allow the existing watermain to remain in service during construction and commissioning of the new main.
  • Development of design plans and obtain the regulatory approval needed that meet the ECWA’s project budget and timeframe for construction completion.
  • Evaluation of means and methods that minimize the disruption to the ECWA’s transmission system as well as the traveling public during construction.