Erie County Water Authority – Van de Water Water Treatment Plant

Residuals Treatment and Disposal Services

Wendel was retained by the Erie County Water Authority (ECWA) to provide services to complete residuals treatment and disposal options at the Authority’s Van de Water and Sturgeon Point Water Treatment Plants.

At the Van De Water Treatment Plant (VDWTP), Wendel completed an analysis of the required improvements and associated costs to upgrade the sludge thickening, dewatering, and pumping systems as well as disposal alternatives. The study was completed with a partial grant from NYSERDA.

Wendel’s analysis of the existing thickening system indicated that the replacement of the existing Clarifier/Thickener No. 2 with a new gravity thickener or a rotary drum thickener would increase the energy and O&M costs to the VDWTP. Further, the capital cost for the installation of the new gravity thickener or rotary drum thickener was significantly greater than the rehabilitation of the existing system. As such, it is recommended that the WTP rehabilitate and continue to utilize the current gravity sludge thickening system and not replace with a mechanical thickening system.

ECWA’s current sludge plate and frame dewatering process is labor intensive and the equipment is difficult to operate and maintain. Alternatives studied included belt press and centrifuge technologies. the most feasible being the belt filter press upgrades. This alternative will significantly reduce the operating and chemical costs and provide significant electrical savings.

The study also concluded that disposal utilizing a dumpster/landfill was the most feasible option at this time. A Beneficial Use Determination application was completed by Wendel in the Spring of 2018 to maintain the existing disposal option of soil amendment (turf farming).

Wendel is also providing operational assistance at the Sturgeon Point Water Treatment Plant to optimize the existing residuals pumping, treatment and disposal systems, including combining coagulation basin blowdown with filter backwash and refinement of the polymer feed system chemical addition. Wendel also completed a volumetric and economic analysis of annual residuals production. Two Beneficial Use Determination applications were completed to 1) maintain the option of disposal through land application/reclamation and 2) soil amendment (turf farming).