Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) Operations and Maintenance Facility

After designing GLTC’s LEED Platinum Bus Transfer Center, Wendel was retained to analyze potential sites for an operations and maintenance facility and provide preliminary environmental review for the preferred site as well as conceptual design for construction.

The Wendel Site Selection Process is a valuable tool to help our clients objectively analyze system wide needs and potential sites for new facilities. The goal of the overall process is to reach consensus among the decision making parties on the preferred site on which to construct the needed facility.

The design team began by evaluating GLTC’s current and future service demands and determined the programmatic needs for a new operations and maintenance facility. Once the top three sites had been determined and reviewed with the GLTC Steering Committee, preliminary environmental and infrastructure reviews were conducted on the sites. The design team provided preliminary layouts for all three sites to ensure program compatibility. These sites were then individually graded by means of weighted scoring criteria, which resulted in a preferred site being selected.

With the site selected, the design team developed construction documents and also took the project through the bidding and construction phases. The facility opened in March 2017.